ATB online store with furniture for children, chests of drawers with changing table, cots, wardrobes

Furniture, children’s sets for our kids’ rooms. We have been producing mainly children’s furniture since 1995. For over 20 years of activity, we have gained a multitude of satisfied customers who appreciate our products for high quality, workmanship with attention to every detail, functionality, but also design that matches the latest trends and at the same time uses timeless solutions.

To increase the availability of our products, mainly children’s furniture, we decided to set up an online store. Thanks to this, we can reach a wider audience. In our store you can see our offer of furnitureaccessories and accessories. We present them in photos, in ready-made arrangements, we describe their physical features. Thanks to this, you can easily see everything that can be useful for arranging a children’s room.

In our store you can buy baby furniture sets, but you can buy them individually. We offer baby cots, chests of drawers with a changing table for the youngest. Wardrobes, shelves and display cabinets are a perfect option for a children’s room, but also a youth room. You can buy furniture for girls and boys.

At ATB we also have equipment for the bedroom, dining room and living room. High-quality functional furniture will allow you to create fashionableelegant and timeless interiors. We also offer accessories for the children’s room, including textiles, lighting, baby monitors, toys and many other accessories that allow not only to arrange the interior, but also make it easier to take care of the child.

Kolekcja mebli niemowlęcych Yeti polski producent ATB Meble
Baby furniture from the Polish manufacturer ATB

Kids’ furniture sets, ATB store with furniture for a child’s room

ATB online store with children’s furniture is a place where we offer, among others, products made by us. As a manufacturer with long experience, we provide it with high quality, durability and aesthetics. And also great materials, because we have made all our articles from them. There are various elements of equipment for a child’s, baby’s or teen’s room. We offer, among others, such as a baby cot, shelf, bookcase and trunk. An interesting accessory on our website is also an original chest of drawers with a changing table. It is a great, extremely useful piece of furniture in which you can keep baby clothes on a daily basis and change them at “strategic” moments. Next are our couches, mattresses for cots, tables and children’s tables. We also offer a wide selection of safety rails for cots or playpens. As well as various accessories and additions. What our products have in common are, above all, healthy materials and classic constructions. Our furniture will surely appeal to children of all ages. It is aesthetics, functionality and safety in one.

The online store with children’s furniture invites you

Our online store with furniture and children’s sets is much more. We know that children, and infants in particular, require many utensils. Therefore, our offer also includes children’s accessories, gadgets and accessories. There is, among other things, a tourist mat, a sleeping bag, a panel for a cot and a velor cuddly toy. And also a tourist mat, a deckchair and a changing table. They will be a great complement to our furniture, but not only. Because our range in this category is practically a complete layette for a child.

On our website you will also find gadgets such as a baby towel, a bedding set and a cuddly toy. We also offer accessories for the children’s room that will make its decor more attractive. These can be, for example, lighting elements such as a ceiling lamp. But also wall stickers, a town carpet and a star projector. We strive to ensure that every parent can comprehensively provide their child with both equipment and the most important everyday utensils. Of course, the common feature of all of them is ergonomics, safe technologies and attractive prices. We invite you to check out our offer!

Natural children’s furniture in a classic, minimalist, Scandinavian or Provencal style

ATB is a Polish manufacturer of children’s and teenagers’ furniture, present on the market for over twenty-five years. During this time, we have designed and manufactured equipment in many versions and styles. We watched and observe how the fashions, styles, trends and the materials themselves change. We have produced and manufactured sets, systems and individual elements, which are our original projects and inspirations. The result of our experience and knowledge about furniture for children is a wide selection, which can be found on the pages of our online store. You can think of it as a collection of individual parts, but they create systems with different styles. Betula, Basic and Classic furniture sets are a good proposition for fans of traditional children’s interiors. Terra2 and Sweet, in turn, are a good option for those who prefer modern interiors. We also have the popular Scandinavian (Nordic), Provencal and Marseille styles. We even offer very unusual and original Teepee and Yeti sets. Regardless of whether you want to give your child’s room an inspiring midnight cool or home warmth – with our assortment, everything is possible.

Why to choose our products?

As we have already mentioned – our long experience speaks for us. We know everything about children’s furniture. But knowledge alone is not enough. We have existed for so long thanks to people who trusted us and who still constitute a large group of our satisfied customers. And these are, after all, parents and children – probably harder to find a more severe reviewer and quality tester. It is also not without significance that we treat our profession as a kind of vocation and – we are not afraid of this term – passion. We want to provide our customers with an assortment that will meet all their requirements. That is why our products are so universal and multifunctional, and elegant at the same time. Because our experience allows us to transfer useful patents and solutions to a constantly new design and convention. For all this – we produce from natural materials, because we want children and teenagers to have contact only with healthy equipment during their development. Wood is ideal for this. It is ecological, hypoallergenic and neutral. Even the paints we use are safe for the environment.