Teenage furniture, desks, beds and wardrobes

Teenage furniture, i.e. items of equipment suitable for older children. Contrary to appearances, they are not any less demanding than those for younger kids. At this age, children begin to consciously choose the decor of their room. Therefore, the elements of equipment must meet not only the conditions of functionality, but also aesthetics and, perhaps above all, fashion. Fortunately, ATB also offers such furniture for young people. We offer, among others, such as a wide chest of drawers, a bed or a bed with a pull-out drawer. There is also a bed for a teenager, a wardrobe on wooden legs and a school desk. Of course, all of them are made of wood. And we are sure that your children will like them. Wooden accessories have many advantages. First, of course, it is healthy. It is a raw material that allows us to bring natural accents into the home like no other. Moreover, its mere presence gives each interior a unique, homely character. Therefore, they will surely be to the liking of young people who want to build their identity around their own room.

Teenage furniture, furniture sets for small rooms

Teenage furniture is not so easy to choose. After all, the ideas and views of young people change so quickly. That is why it is worth betting on one of our universal sets. Each of them is different, and at the same time extremely attractive for teenagers. Their unquestionable advantages are, above all, beautiful color compositions. In both saturated and calming, and subdued colors. At the same time, each of these proposals includes an aesthetic set of youth furniture, which will reveal high functionality for every studying teenager. There are wardrobes, desks, shelves, beds with mattresses and smaller pieces of furniture. Such as chests, bedside tables and chairs. You can also purchase the entire system and its individual parts without any problems. We guarantee, that each of our young people will find something for themselves. We can assure parents that due to the high durability of our assortment, it will serve more than one child. Perhaps even for themselves.

Teenage furniture, the Polish manufacturer of high quality products, invites you to shop now online

In this category, you can find high-quality room furniture for older children and teenagers. Out of concern for the good of our clients, we offer both articles grouped into several categories and ready-made sets of room furnishings, distinguished by an interesting appearance and a rich selection of elements.

Our assortment includes, among others, desks, wardrobes, beds, bookcases, shelves, trunks and bedside tables. Thanks to our furniture, you can arrange a room where your child will enjoy working and spending free time.

Arranging a youth room is not an easy task. You need to arrange a room that will meet the expectations of an adolescent child. There must be a place to rest, study and store, as well as to host friends.

Equipment for a teenager’s room, here you will find everything you need

Children’s furniture sets are helpful in arranging youth rooms. They usually include a deskbed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bookcase, so everything you need. You can also buy a children’s wall unit. It is a building on one of the walls. However, it requires a stable room. If it is not available, then it is better to buy furniture for teenagers separately. Then you can choose them depending on the space at your disposal.

Youth beds are not much smaller than classic bedroom beds, so in small rooms many people choose fold-out sofas. However, they do not provide such comfort. So let’s choose a full-size bed. The space for relaxation can be completed with an armchair or a pouffe. It is also good furniture when the child is visited by friends. There should be a bedside table with a lamp next to the bed.

There are also shelves for books and other exhibits in the teenage room. Teenagers also have a lot of clothes, so roomy wardrobes are useful in their rooms.