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A cradle for a baby on wheels is an interesting way to replace an ordinary crib.

A baby cradle on wheels

A cradle for a baby on wheels is an alternative to baby cots. What are the advantages of this baby furniture? Although a cradle cot will not serve a child as long as a classic bed, it has many advantages. It is mobile, it takes up less space. They can be placed in the parents’ room to keep an eye on the baby. The wheels mounted in the legs allow for quick transfer of the cradle for babies. It is important to check that the castors have brakes.

The cradle is a place for the baby to rest and sleep. It is usually just a small rocking bed with blankets and pillows. Provide the child with a sense of security and protection. It protects the baby from noise and makes it easier to soothe him to sleep. It also has the function of securing the baby against falling.

A cradle for a baby is an essential part of the equipment that makes it easier to care for a baby. Provides comfort and safety for the baby. It can be made of various materials such as wood, plastic or metal. A cradle for a baby has been around since ancient times and has undergone many changes over time.

Their most important function is rocking. Thanks to this, it is easier to calm the child and it makes it easier for him to fall asleep. This is a much more comfortable solution than rocking your baby in your arms.

A cradle for a baby on wheels, a store with children’s furniture

Although there are many types of this furniture for children, parents most often choose a wooden cradle for a child’s room. It has rungs that prevent the baby from falling out, it can also be equipped with a rocking lock – this also makes it a cot.

It is worth thinking about buying Scandinavian-style furniture that is practical and universal, and fits into any arrangement. In addition, a slightly more expensive, but more practical choice is a cradle with a mattress and bedding. The textiles are then perfectly matched, you do not have to buy them separately, which is often associated with significant savings.

A cradle for a baby or a baby cot?

The cradle for a baby was known already in ancient times and came in several varieties. Mainly on the poles and in the suspended version. It can be said that dozens of generations were successfully brought up on them. Therefore, this patent is proven and effective. Nowadays, its versions may differ from each other in terms of material, design or appearance. Their function, however, remains the same – providing peace, comfort and healthy sleep. 

In our online store, you will also find models that will ensure your toddler’s healthy safety. Our cradle with a mattress and bedding, for example, is the optimal solution for those parents who want to give their child the best. It is light and mobile, which allows it to be positioned and moved anywhere. It has a wide security system – from solid, properly spaced, the rungs to block rocking. This means that the whole can also be used as a baby cot. Added to all this is, of course, the timeless design – typical of all our products. It is a guaranteed satisfaction for both parents and babies.

What is the effect of rocking on a child’s well-being?

Contrary to appearances – quite a lot. As research shows (and the experience of countless human generations), it is an extremely important activity for the proper development of a toddler. First of all, it has a significant impact on the development of his brain. We are talking here especially about those parts that are responsible for motor skills, body reactions to a change of position and psychophysical development in general. Rocking is the most natural and gentle form of stimulating the brain’s vestibular system. 

The statistics show conclusively that the little ones whose parents took care of the proper stimulation of these parts and the system, stop crying faster and are calmer. This, in turn, allows them to focus more easily on their sensory experiences, their surroundings – and their learning. In addition, such chicks feel safer, which has a significant impact on the process of falling asleep and waking up. Research also shows that by rocking a baby, some of the first nerve connections between cells are formed by stimulation in the brain. And this has a significant impact on the development of individual senses. The toddler sits down, crawls and walks earlier. A baby cradle therefore has a very good effect on a toddler.

Baby cradle, is it worth buying?

If you are wondering whether it is worth buying a cradle for your baby, we will help you make the right choice. Cradles, although they have attracted a lot of attention recently, are not for everyone. They will not work well in every room and not suit every parent. There is much evidence of the superiority of the cradle over the crib. It is smaller, it can be mobile, it will help us put the baby to sleep faster. However, the cradle is not without its drawbacks. In this piece, we will try to clearly show you the advantages and disadvantages of a cradle for babies

A cradle for a baby, the 5 most important advantages

  1. The cradle will help to calm the baby at night. If your baby wakes up frequently during the night and cannot fall asleep, and you are fed up with constantly waking up, decide to buy a cradle. You can put the cradle right next to your bed, and at night, when your baby wakes up, just reach for your hand to calm him down without having to get out of bed.
  2. There is scientific evidence that rocking has a positive effect on the nervous system of children. Rocking children, whether in their arms or in a cradle, will have a better balance in the future, which will help them learn faster, for example, to learn to ride a bicycle.
  3. Rocking is reminiscent of the time spent in the mother’s womb, which allows her to calm down faster. When the baby suffers from colic or when mom is at work, it is enough to put the baby in the cradle and rocking. This should soothe and calm him down faster.
  4. Cradles are usually cheaper than cribs, so if you are driven by the price and want a functional piece of furniture for your baby, then it will be an excellent choice at the beginning.
  5. Most of the cradles have their mobile versions, which do not take up much space and can be easily moved between rooms in the house. For example, if you are cooking and want to keep an eye on your toddler, you can put the cradle in the kitchen. The cradle should also fit easily into a larger car, so it will be perfect for trips with a baby.

The cradle for a baby also has disadvantages!

  1. A cradle is one of those baby furniture that is only good for the first few months. As your child starts to sit up, it will be harder for you to keep an eye on him so that he does not tilt over and fall to the ground. For a child of a few months, the cradle will become too small and uncomfortable.
  2. You will not attach a changing table to the cradle, as you can do in the case of a crib. It may not be something important, but changing in a baby’s cradle will not be convenient for you or your toddler.
  3. A child who gets used to rocking and to the cradle may not be satisfied when we take the cradle away from him after a few months and replace it with the cot.
  4. The baby grows out of the cradle quickly, so we won’t look back, we will again face the next decision and the next purchase. For those who don’t like frequent purchases, this can be a bit of a problem. 
  5. Some believe that rocking does not help the baby at all, and even harms him. This is already a contentious issue that we leave to you, Dear Parents, for your own interpretation. Babies like to be hugged and rocked, but some say that rocking babies grow up to be sissies and mothers. We have not heard yet about the excess of love or closeness harming someone, but the lack of it has many negative consequences.

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So how do we buy a cradle? In the online store of the Polish manufacturer of children’s furniture, you will find several baby cradles to choose from. We invite you to check our selection of kids’ furniture!