Children’s furniture sets, sets with a bed

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Your child’s room should be a space where they can feel safe, comfortable and happy. When choosing children’s furniture, however, we must remember that children grow quickly. Children’s furniture sets that we choose for a children’s room should be composed in such a way that it allows for fun, learning and relaxation. Some parents think about the future and focus on children’s furniture that will grow with their children, buying a bed, wardrobe or a large chest of drawers. Others prefer to change the decor more often and adapt the furniture to the age of the child. Either of these ideas are good.

Changing the decor is also a way to have fun with the child, who can decide for himself what color the wardrobe or bed wants. The children’s furniture sets available in the ATB online store will help you make a purchase decision. You have a choice of several sets:

  • Basic children’s furniture set,
  • Nordik furniture,
  • Tipi set,
  • and Lux furniture.

Each of these sets of furniture was created in a unique, modern style dedicated to each of the three age groups. So here we have a set of baby furniture, a set of children’s furniture and a set of youth furniture.

Children’s furniture sets in white

White furniture is so popular recently that when choosing a furniture set for your child, do not be surprised that you will have the most types of furniture in this color. In our store, white sets of furniture are available in eight versions. White furniture in combination with brown, beige or anthracite inserts look very attractive and will surely appeal to both girls and boys of all ages. It is also worth mentioning that the advantage of white furniture sets is not only their versatility, but also ease of maintenance. It is known that children often make a mess, and white furniture does not get dirty more often than furniture of a different color. This is an often repeated myth that will debunk anyone who has decided to choose a white furniture set.

How to design a children’s room?

Every parent wants the best for their children. Therefore, we try to do our best to make them happy. A child’s room is a safe space where they grow up – learning and playing. The following tips will make it a functional zone, adapted to the needs of a toddler.

 Wall decorations for a child’s room

The character of the room will be given by wall decorations. Here you can apply decorative wallpapers or stickers with animal themes, containing your favorite characters from fairy tales, or more delicate – floral ones. However, be sure not to overdo it with too many bright colors that can distract your little one. Think about designing or even painting some walls and their decorations yourself. Thanks to this, you will give the room an individual character. You can also place your child’s paintings in frames and then display them on the wall.

What is the best way to use furniture for a child’s room?

Furniture plays the most important role in the room. They must be functional to accommodate a spacious wardrobe and all the treasures of your child. Remember that the furniture set should not only be beautiful, but also practical and spacious.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the furniture in your child’s room:

  • When looking for furniture for a children’s room, try to choose the most functional solutions. An example is a changing table that can be converted into a desk or a chest of drawers, a bed with a drawer for bedding, pouffes and trunks in which you can store toys and other treasures of a child, or a cot with the option of changing into a couch. Choose bedside tables with drawers for even more storage space.
  • To keep the room in order, use trunks, wooden or paper containers. Thanks to this, you can easily get rid of the everyday mess.
  • Choose cabinet furniture with shelves instead of hangers.
  • Pay attention to lighting, it is a very important element of the room. Thanks to the use of several light sources, each part of the room will be properly illuminated. In addition to the upper light, the side light is also important, which will accompany the toddler in learning and playing. There will also be a bedside lamp and a desk lamp.
  • Choose a pillow that provides a perfect position for your back and neck. Thanks to this, your child’s spine will develop properly.

Plan zones in the room

It is worth dividing the room into zones : study, play and sleep. This will allow you to organize items faster and make it easier to allocate time during the day for individual activities. Thanks to the division into zones, it will be easier for the child to focus on homework or fall asleep. The zones can be easily separated thanks to the use of a carpet, a screen and other furniture.

Place a desk with a comfortable chair in the study corner . It is also important that it is placed close to natural light. You can use various organizers and a board on which the child will be able to write and stick notes. It is a good idea to put plants in this zone. The green color soothes and gives a sense of relaxation to the eyes.

Children need creative and intellectual stimulation. Therefore, we should create a space for them to strengthen their creative and intellectual abilities. Let’s design a play corner for them . Let’s take care of the proper organization of space here. Let’s use shelves, boxes, baskets that will help keep the room neat and tidy. For the youngest, we choose stable shelves with low shelves, to which the toddler will have free access. For an older child, choose functional, closed chests of drawers.

The rest area should not be located directly under the window or opposite the front door. Therefore, we should consider which part of the room would be the best solution here. This area should facilitate rest and therefore should not contain many items. Limit the number of decorations and toys and choose solid colors that will not distract your child.