Basic children’s furniture, pragmatism and ergonomics come first

Basic children’s furniture set is a line that focuses on minimalism and – as the name suggests – on basic utility functions. Contrary to appearances, this is not a set that is missing something. We just created it for people who need useful elements of decor without too many ornaments. And above all – always fashionable, with a universal design.

Simple shapes, a minimum number of colors – these are the hallmarks of this set

The set contains virtually every piece of furniture you need. It can be both a bed-couch, a cradle or a two-door wardrobe on legs.

There is also a hanging shelf, a chest of drawers with a changing table or a 140 cm long safety rail. It is a universal set that can be used as a starting point when designing and arranging a child’s room. But it will also work perfectly as an accessory in a classic, minimalist or traditional style. And due to the fact that its design is based on simple geometry – the lack of protruding ornaments saves a lot of space in the room. And also, it can be easily adapted to the rest of the equipment.

Basic children’s furniture system, simple solutions and timeless design

Basic children’s furniture will work in at least a few styles. This line is a timeless and instantly recognizable style. Be it a baby cot, a chest of drawers or a drawer. Neutral design and simple geometric design go hand in hand with modern technical solutions. Each element of this set remains completely smooth and has no knobs or handles. This is because we used a completely tactile system of work in them.

Thanks to it, the door closes noiselessly. And silence is one of the most important things in a baby’s room. In addition, this style means better spaciousness (which is important in the case of smaller rooms), order and harmony. In addition, the interior devoid of excess details allows you to focus, concentrate and calm down better. And this, in turn, allows for more effective creative work. Just like the subdued and bright colors. That is why this furniture system is such a good solution for the youngest. It will be perfect for rest and regeneration, but also for learning.

Basic collection – beautiful children’s furniture in a modern and functional style

The Basic collection is fashionable, modern and, above all, extremely functional children’s furniture. It is a proposal of children’s furniture, which is characterized by both perfect functionality and simplicity of form. The Basic collection owes its unique style to its simple, minimalist forms. Thanks to its appearance and, above all, functionality, the furniture is perfect for children’s rooms, both for younger children and those already older.

What materials are Polish children’s furniture from ATB Meble made of?

Children’s and youth furniture from ATB. Furniture from the Basic collection is made of high-quality materials. These are furniture with bright colors. They are dominated by white or fathers’ birch. The materials used in the production of furniture are mainly a laminated board with a weight of 18 mm and an HDF board varnished on both sides. Modern opening systems with ball and pressure slides are also noteworthy. It is thanks to them that the drawers open quietly and very efficiently. As a result, they also work very well in children’s rooms.

Furniture safe for children of Polish production

Basic children’s furniture set is adapted to the needs of families with young children. In practice, this means that the furniture is completely safe for use by infants or preschoolers. The furniture does not have sharp edges that could cause cuts or other dangerous situations related to its use. Their safety is confirmed by European safety standards, which guarantees that parents, like their children, can sleep peacefully. The design of the furniture itself is not the only advantage. Another important advantage is the finishes that are safe for children, including the use of paints and varnishes that are harmless to the youngest children.

Furniture from the Basic collection has a number of advantages. One of them is the ability to fit them directly into any interior. They can fit successfully into both a large children’s room and a small one. It is possible thanks to the very high flexibility of the furniture, enabling the creation of sets adapted to the user’s needs, which change as children grow up. It delights with its universal style, simple shapes and a minimum number of colors, so you can match them to almost any interior, decorated in a variety of styles.

Basic children's furniture set, Polish manufacturer ATB Meble
Basic children’s furniture set, Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

STYLE modern style
A universal and simple pattern in the Basic collection, which will easily fit into any interior. This is a line that focuses on minimalism and – as the name suggests – on basic utility functions. Always fashionable, with a universal design. Simple shapes, minimal number of colors.
MATERIAL In the white / birch color of the furniture, the fronts of the drawers are made of 18mm white laminated board, the top and bottom of the chest of drawers are made of 18mm laminated board. The sides of the furniture are made of white varnished HDF board with a thickness of 4 mm. The drawers are equipped with ball guides with a silent opening system – for pressure.
CARE For cleaning furniture, it is recommended to use commercially available
furniture cleaning agents, after checking the effect of the agent
in an invisible part of the furniture.
The cleaning agents used must be suitable for the surface on which they will be
applied, ie chipboard laminate, natural wood etc.
Furniture surfaces can be washed with a damp cloth and then dried immediately by wiping with a soft, dry cloth. Any rubbing of the furniture surfaces is not advisable.
The use of strong, corrosive cleaning agents is NOT ALLOWED !!! The countertop surfaces should be protected against direct action of hot dishes and against getting wet. The impact of heavy, hard and / or sharp objects should not be allowed.

Modern style furniture: what characterizes the modern style

Modern style furniture in the offer of the Polish manufacturer ATB Meble will be used to arrange your interior in accordance with the latest trends. Choose a modern style that will delight you with its functionality and simplicity. It is in such an interior that you will feel at ease and pleasant, and at the same time you will be delighted with the fashionable and cozy interior. Choose solutions that impress with their appearance. How to achieve this effect? The solution is simple and at your fingertips.

Distinctive features of modern style in interior design

The modern style arises from the nineteenth century, or rather the rebellion that arose against the nineteenth-century splendor and rich ornamentation. These elements were considered impractical and completely unnecessary. For this reason, the modern style assumes the presence of open spaces and the use of bright colors. The base colors are primarily white, beige, gray and black. All these colors are combined with each other and combined to create the right effect. And it is to create an interior that will be subdued and devoid of intense colors. Simple geometric patterns for decoration work well.

It is also possible to use a small amount of decorations that can be combined even experimentally. However, the most important element that should be paid attention to is the functionality and comfort of users, and this is how the interior should be arranged so that it perfectly reflects the assumptions of this style.

Interior design in a modern style

Modern interiors are elegant and equipped with a small number of items. Subdued colors and small ornaments dominate. As a result, they seem more spacious. The simplicity of the form is also an important element. Thanks to this, you can reach for items that have an uncomplicated design, skillfully combining elements of equipment and individual colors. A small amount of decorations will certainly be compensated by items with a designer look. Choose accessories of this type to add character and expression to the interior.

Modern style furniture for the living room

The furniture in a modern style has a simple form and is characterized by functionality. Most of all, light-colored furniture, especially white, with wooden accessories, or black, is popular. The best solution is to choose furniture for the living room, where both bookcases and TV cabinets will work, as well as sofas matching the style of the interior. A good idea is also a chest of drawers and a coffee table, which will give the interior style and outstanding elegance, and most importantly, an intense modernity.

What should modern kitchen furniture look like?

Modern style furniture is not only a good choice for the living room. It is also a good solution for the kitchen, where they are to introduce comfort and functionality. Choose furniture in a simple form to organize your space and conveniently arrange kitchen appliances, accessories and dishes. An important element is also the ease of keeping the furniture clean, which should be taken into account when choosing it. Thanks to them, you will be able to prepare every meal tasty, comfortably and quickly.

Modern style in the bedroom

For the bedroom, look for furniture that will ensure functionality and comfort. The bed should be the most essential piece of furniture in the center of the room. It is the bed that determines our comfort in the bedroom, which can be achieved. When choosing a bed for a bedroom in a modern style, look for a bed with a simple design, without shelves and unnecessary decorative elements. The choice should therefore fall on a bed with a simple frame with a minimalist look. A wood-colored frame is a good idea, it will make the bedroom look cozy. A good solution is also to put a comfortable, large wardrobe in the bedroom, and if you have a large interior, you can also put in an elegant chest of drawers.

Advantages of modern interiors

The greatest advantage of modern interiors is that they provide comfort and functionality, as well as large space and light. These are interiors where we feel carefree and pleasant, due to the order and order that is introduced in the interior. The functionality of the furniture and equipment makes us feel great in modern homes, and the quality that is introduced into the interior is extremely important.