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This website consists of the following sections:

  1. Cookies
  2. Personal data protection


This Policy applies to “cookies” and applies to this website.

What are cookies?

By “cookies” should be understood IT data, in particular text files, stored in the end devices of users intended for the use of websites. These files allow to recognize the user’s device and properly display the website tailored to his individual preferences. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number.

What do we use cookies for”?

Cookies are used to adapt the content of websites to the user’s preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the user uses the website, which allows improving its structure and content, excluding personal identification of the user.

What cookies do we use?

There are, as a rule, two types of “cookies” – “session” and “permanent”. The first of them are temporary files that remain on the user’s device until logging out of the website or turning off the software (web browser). “Permanent” files remain on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of “cookies” or until they are manually deleted by the user.
Cookies used by the website operator’s partners, in particular website users, are subject to their own privacy policy.

Cookies can be distinguished in detail due to:

A. Types of cookies due to their necessity to provide the service
Necessarythey are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the website or the functionalities that the user wants to use
FunctionalThey are important for the operation of the website:
– they are used to enrich the functionality of the website, without them the website will work properly, but it will not be adapted to the user’s preferences,
– they are used to ensure a high level of website functionality, without the settings saved in the cookie file, the level of website functionality may decrease, but not should make it impossible to use it completely,
– they serve very important functionalities of the website, blocking them will result in the selected functions not working properly.
BusinessThey enable the implementation of the business model based on which the website is made available, blocking them will not make the entire functionality of the website unavailable, but may reduce the level of service provision due to the inability of the website owner to generate revenues subsidizing the operation of the website. This category includes, for example, advertising cookies.
B. Due to the time during which the cookie will be placed on the user’s end device:
Temporary cookies (session cookies)cookie placed while using the browser (session), is deleted after closing it
Persistent cookiesit is not deleted after closing the browser and remains in the user’s device for a specified period of time or without a validity period, depending on the settings of the website owner
C. Due to the origin – the website administrator who manages cookies:
First party cookiecookie placed directly by the owner of the visited website
Cookie zewnętrzne (tdird-party cookie)cookies placed by external entities whose page components were triggered by the website owner

Note: cookies can be triggered by the administrator using scripts, components located on the partner’s servers located in a different location – a different country or even a completely different legal system. If the website administrator calls up website components from outside the administrator’s system, standard cookie policy rules may apply other than the website administrator’s privacy / cookie policy.

D. Due to the purpose they serve:
Website configurationenable the settings of functions and services on the website
Security and reliability of the websiteenable verification of authenticity and optimization of website performance
Authenticationthey enable information when the user is logged in, so that the website can show relevant information and functions
Session statemake it possible to save information about how users use the website. They may relate to the most frequently visited pages or possible error messages displayed on some pages. Cookies used to save the so-called “Session state” help to improve services and enhance the browsing experience.
Processesthey enable efficient operation of the website itself and the functions available on it
Adsallow you to display advertisements that are more interesting for users and at the same time more valuable for publishers and advertisers, personalize advertisements, they can also be used to display advertisements outside the pages of the website (domain)
Locationmake it possible to adjust the displayed information to the user’s location
Analyzes and research, audience auditenable website owners to better understand the preferences of their users and, through analysis, to improve and develop products and services. Typically, the website owner or research firm collects information anonymously and processes trend data without identifying the personal data of individual users
E. Types of cookies due to their interference with the user’s privacy:
HarmlessIncludes cookies:
– necessary for the website to function properly
– needed to enable the website functionality, but their operation has nothing to do with user tracking
Investigatingused to track users, however, they do not include information that identifies the data of a specific user

Do cookies contain personal data?

Personal data collected using “cookies” may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access by unauthorized persons.

Deleting “cookies”

By default, the software used for browsing websites allows by default to place “cookies” on the end device. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of “cookies” in the web browser settings or to inform about them each time they are sent to the user’s device. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings.
Limiting the use of “cookies” may affect some of the functionalities available on the website.

Blocking “cookies” in popular browsers

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Privacy policy and security

The privacy policy applies to the processing and protection of Users’ personal data in connection with the use of the website, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, including its subpages, administered by the company ATB Meble sc Agnieszka Banasiak, Tomasz Banasiak, based in Wola Wiązowa 67 , 97-438 Rusiec, NIP: 832-000-74-27, REGON: 730008717, which is the administrator, hereinafter referred to as’ the company.

The privacy policy contains the principles of collecting and using data about Users in force on the Website when placing orders for the goods offered by the company.

Our overriding goal is to provide the Users with the privacy protection service, because data protection is a matter of trust, and trust is very important to us. In order for every User of our website to feel safe, when processing personal data, we strictly comply with national regulations in this regard, and in connection with the application on May 25, 2018 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016. on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection), we make every effort to meet all the requirements arising directly from the above-mentioned regulation.

The company respects your need to maintain the confidentiality of the information and personal data that you provide to us. By providing us with information about you and your personal data, you consent to us using it, reading it and – depending on the case – processing it for the purposes indicated below. We encourage you to read the Policy set out below carefully as it applies to all personal data you provide to us through our Site.

Information obligation

  1. The administrator of your personal data is ATB Meble sc Agnieszka Banasiak, Tomasz Banasiak, with headquarters in Wola Wiązowa 67, 97-438 Rusiec, NIP: 832-000-74-27, REGON: 730008717, entered into the Central Register and Information on Business Gospodarcza run by the Minister of Economy, e-mail: .
  2. The administrator obtains personal data from the Users of the online store The basic method of obtaining data is to fill in the form voluntarily. In this way, the Administrator obtains the User’s name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The data is stored by the controller in a format that allows it to be transferred. The website also has an automated system that allows you to monitor the User’s behavior and adjust the content to the user’s interests. This system is integrated with our store and each of the Users may object at any time.
  3. In addition, each User may request:
    • access to your personal data,
    • rectification of personal data,
    • deletion of personal data,
    • restrictions on the processing of personal data,
    • transfer of personal data.
  4. Each User may object to the processing of personal data. To use the above rights, the User should contact the administrator by sending an e-mail to the following address: The Administrator performs the User’s request immediately. Deletion, restriction, transfer and objection to data processing will affect the services provided and will probably prevent the proper performance of these services. The user should be aware that his data is processed only for the purposes of the contract and providing him with personalized commercial information.
  5. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Office when it is justified that your personal data is processed by the controller contrary to the general regulation on the protection of personal data of April 27, 2016.
  6. The administrator processes personal data only for the purpose of fulfilling the order placed by the User and for the purpose of sending personalized commercial information to the User. Expressing consent is voluntary and is a contractual requirement and is necessary for the performance of the contract. The contract consists in the sale of products ordered by you. This means that without consent to the processing of personal data, we will not be able to complete the order or contact you.
  7. We store your data for a period not longer than it is necessary for the correct execution of the order and enabling us to send you personalized commercial information. After this time, the data is stored only for the purpose of securing claims. We remind you that you can delete your data at any time.
  8. We use Google Analytics analytical tools that collect information about your website visits, such as the subpages you have displayed, the time you spent on the website or the transitions between individual subpages. For this purpose, Google LLC cookies are used for the Google Analytics service. As part of Google Analytics, we collect demographic data and data on interests. As part of the cookie settings, you can decide whether you consent to the collection of such data about you or not. Detailed information about the service is available at the following link:  GDPR policy . (Website in English).
  9. We use HomebookPixel tools. These data allow us to better investigate the effectiveness of the activities carried out on the portal and find out what actions are taken by visitors to the online store. As part of the cookie settings, you can decide whether you consent to the collection of such data about you or not.
  10. We use Facebook Messenger tools through the Zotabox service, giving you the ability to quickly contact a company representative. Detailed information on data processing as part of the service is available at the  GDPR Data Processing Agreement address below . (Website in English).
  11. We use the Przelewy24 service of PayPro Spółka Akcyjna. PayPro processes your personal data (personal data of the Payer) primarily for purposes related to the provision of payment services by PayPro covered by the contract for accepting payments to the Merchant, in particular in connection with the handling of payment orders submitted by you containing an order to execute a payment transaction (payment) for the Merchant. Detailed information on the data processed by PayPro is available at  Information Obligation .

Protection of collected data

  1. We make every effort to protect the processed data against unauthorized access, unauthorized modification or deletion of collected personal data. We ensure that your personal data and any other information are safe with us. We use appropriate data security measures, in particular measures against malware. Only authorized personnel, trained in the field of personal data and IT system security, and obliged to maintain strict confidentiality, have access to the processed personal data.
  2. The administrator does not require registration from people using the website, unless the User wants to purchase goods offered by the company, then registration on the website is required.
  3. All forms for entering private information are placed in a secure area of ​​the website. Connecting with them takes place with the use of a special certificate, as a result of which all personal data of customers is encrypted and even in the case of interception of the transmission, impossible to read by unauthorized persons.

Use of personal data

  1. The data referred to in point 2 of the Privacy Policy, they are processed only for the purposes for which the User has consented.
  2. The data referred to in point 2 of the Privacy Policy, are not shared with third parties.
  3. An exception to the rule referred to in point 3.2. The privacy policy is a situation in which a court, prosecutor’s office or other authorities will submit a request to disclose this data to the company, after prior indication of the legal basis of the request. In such a situation, the company provides the above data to the extent that they are required.
  4. The company also provides the data referred to in point. 2 of the Privacy Policy, in the event of a breach by the User or the Customer of the Regulations of the Online Store.

Fulfillment of requests

To facilitate the implementation of the requests resulting from the provisions of the regulation, we have created an additional e-mail address: To which you should send all: requests, inquiries and requests resulting from the application of the GDPR.