Wholesale furniture supplier & dropshipper

Interested in selling our kids’ furniture? Are you looking for a trustworthy business partner?
We encourage you to establish cooperation with the Polish manufacturer of furniture for children and teenagers, ATB Meble. 

  • kids’ furniture wholesale directly from the manufacturer
  • dropshipping model available
  • furniture production according to the client’s own design
  • sale of wood from our own sawmill (oak, beech, ash)
  • turning shop: mass orders for turned furniture elements (legs, handles, etc.)

Contact & Support:

Łukasz Banasiak
Key Client Manager
tel: +48 697 419 871
in Polish or English

Order your own furniture collection or sell our products in your store

As a Polish furniture manufacturer, we offer cooperation both in the sale of our products (in the dropshipping model and for large orders that go to your warehouse), as well as in the production of furniture designs sent by the Customer.

Wholesale furniture supplier, sawmill, drying room, furniture manufacturer

We maintain our own wood drying room and sawmill. So you will find here high-quality oak, beech or ash wood. A modern turning shop allows us to take orders also for wooden legs or furniture handles in thousands of pieces.

The rules of order fulfillment, waiting time and all other details depend on the size and type of the order, and the type of materials used. Contact us today and let’s discuss your project!

Wholesale furniture supplier ATB Meble. A manufacturer of furniture for kids and teenagers

As a kids’ furniture wholesale supplier and manufacturer, we have extensive experience gathered during a quarter of a century of operating on the market. Our furniture combines functionality with ergonomics. The products are subjected to appropriate tests to meet the needs and be safe for the youngest recipients. The materials we use are neutral and hypoallergenic. We use wood and its derivatives as the basic building material. The materials used for production have certificates or manufacturer’s declarations of compliance with the standard.

  • you can find out more about the company and the values ​​we follow on this page (please click)
  • our offer for retail customers can be found in the online store (please click)
  • We strongly encourage you to download our catalog in electronic version: E-Catalog

Interested in cooperating with wholesale furniture dropshipper ATB?

In case of any inquiries regarding furniture wholesale and any B2B cooperation please contact Key Client Manager, Łukasz Banasiak, lukasz@banasiak.pl, tel: +48 697 419 871 / in English or Polish.

Furniture production technology and materials

ATB Meble is a wholesale furniture supplier and furniture dropshipper. We are also manufacturer of furniture for babies, children and teenagers. We specialize in the production of furniture made of MDF and HDF boards of various thicknesses. We also have a professional paint shop where qualified painters can handle even the most demanding colors, e.g. matt black.

In addition, the professional equipment of the production plant allows us to produce furniture from bent plywood . We are one of the few plants of this type in Poland. 

We work in accordance with the lean manufacturing culture. Thanks to this, each customer can be sure that the production is constantly optimized at the stage of each process (from production to creating assembly instructions or packaging). We want to use the storage space of our principals and customers in the most economical way possible.

We have experience in the production of furniture for the HORECA industry and educational institutions .

For many years, we have been selling a large part of our production to Germany, France and Denmark.


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As a wholesale furniture supplier and dropshipper, we care about the safety of our customers and our employees

The products we offer meet all the required EU standards, such as EN12221, EN716, EN14749, as well as standards for the materials used, and health and safety.

Our production plant consists of several departments:

  • sawmill and drying plant for the processing of raw wood;
  • a machine room in which we operate on boards, subjecting them to processing such as cutting, veneer, drilling, nailing cot ladders;
  • roller and pistol paint shop ;
  • a packing room, where we pack first of all accessories for products, and then furniture with assembly instructions and necessary information;
  • warehouse and quality department, where final products are randomly tested for compliance with quality standards;
  • administration, customer service and accounting department, where we work on all issues not related to the physical development of the product (preparation of instructions, customer service, organization of shipments, accounting, administration, customer service, etc.).

Company address

ATB Meble sc
Agnieszka Banasiak, Tomasz Banasiak
Wola Wiązowa 67
97-438 Rusiec, POLAND
European Union
NIP 832 000 74 27

Customer Service Office
Mon. – Thurs 7.00 – 15.00 CET
Fri – 6.00 – 14.00 CET

Bank account for payment for orders:
IBAN: PL08203000451110000000374090

Questions? Drop us a line!