Baby cot with a drawer, children’s furniture

A baby cot with a drawer is a practical piece of furniture for children, the functionality of which will be appreciated by parents.

Baby cot with a drawer

A baby cot with a drawer must be practical and functional. It is a difficult period for a child, during which he gets used to the environment. That is why it is so important that his lair is associated with safety, coziness and tenderness. That is why this piece of furniture should be selected with particular care. At ATB, we primarily offer baby cots with rungs in the dimensions of 120×60 cm.

In this matter, we are supporters of traditional solutions. And as practice and research show – models of this type work best despite the passage of time. The more pragmatic versions are certainly the ones with the drawer on the bottom. It makes it possible to store the most necessary utensils. The drawer can also be purchased separately. We also offer models with a mattress and bedding. On the one hand, this is a great convenience, because you will not have to select and buy them anymore. On the other hand – these are perfectly matched elements that make up the finished piece of furniture. One in which the little one will feel comfortable and comfortable.

Safe baby furniture

Our baby beds are also a real synonym for safety. Apart from the fact that we have traditionally made them from safe materials, such as ash wood, their structures are devoid of traditional threats to children. In our furniture you will not find protruding, sharp corners, insecure joints, rough surfaces or splinters. And also protruding bolts or screws. Our baby furniture is practically perfectly smooth, solidly connected and completely free of such problems. Also, the spacing of the rungs guarantees that the child will not fall out or hurt himself. In turn, when he grows up a bit – he will be able to observe the world around him from behind them.

One issue that definitely needs to be mentioned is how our furniture is designed. We also offer cots for children, sofas and couches. These are modern and ergonomic solutions that combine the functions of more than one piece of furniture. They will certainly be useful when the child grows up a little. We also do not neglect the – after all, a very important element – which is stylistics and colors. We offer classic, basic and modern northern styles.

A baby cot with a drawer can be supplemented with a chest of drawers with a changing table

Baby cots are the basic equipment of every child’s room for the youngest. This type of furniture for children should, above all, be durablestable and, consequently, safe.

When choosing a cot, consider not only its dimensions, but also its construction. A mandatory purchase is a children’s bed with a railing that protects the baby from falling out. It should be ensured that the rungs are vertical and not horizontal. As the child grows older, he may try to climb onto the railing, so he must be prevented from doing so.

We offer furniture sets for children’s rooms

Baby cots most often have the dimensions of 120 × 60 cm. It is important that all sides of baby furniture are rounded and well sanded – this reduces the risk of cuts. In addition, the most universal baby cot is one that also has drawers that slide out on the guides. They can hide additional bedding or other necessary accessories. Thanks to this solution, children’s furniture can be functional, fit into any room.

In addition, parents most often choose Scandinavian-style furniture for a child’s room with subdued, bright colors. Most often they are white, with wooden or pastel accents.

Choose a baby cot that is right for your child

A baby cot is one of those pieces of furniture that will be used by a child from the first days of life until several years. Therefore, when buying a cot, think carefully about what you expect from it. Do you have a lot of space in the room and you can afford a cot that will only fulfill this one role, i.e. the role of a sleeping furniture? Will you bed them to sleep and hide the sheets in a drawer? Will your baby only sleep in it, or will it play in the crib during the day? Is the crib supposed to fulfill one role, or should it be universal and mobile? There are many questions, and you, dear parent, must know the answers to these questions, because this is the only way to buy what you are looking for and need.

A popular baby cot with a drawer in the offer of the Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

A baby cot with a drawer has the standard dimensions of 120 x 60 cm. However, they differ in their functionalities. In the ATB Meble store, you will find more than three types of baby cots, but we recommend you to choose one of the three presented models, because they are the most popular and most often chosen by parents.

Baby cot 120 × 60 Nordik
The Nordik cot was created in line with the Nordic trend. It is characterized by high functionality and solid workmanship. In the infancy period, the cot will act as a sleeping furniture, with the possibility of adjusting the mattress level. This standard solution is used in many models of baby cots. However, what distinguishes Nordik from other cribs is the possibility of making a sofa out of it. Once your child grows out of the cot, you can remove one of the sides and replace it with a protective rail that will allow your toddler to get in and out of the cot whenever he wants to. This is a great solution for small children who are already quite independent. Your child will love the other face of his crib, because he will be able to enter it not only in the evening, but also during the day,

Baby cot 120 × 60 with a drawer LUX
Our next offer of a baby cot is the Lux cot. This cot is slightly different from the previous one. First, it has a drawer where you can keep bedding or other handy items such as pajamas, rompers, nappies. Secondly, it is possible to attach wheels to it, thanks to which it will be mobile. This solution will surely appeal to moms who like to keep an eye on their baby. Thanks to mobility, you can push the cot anywhere in the apartment, e.g. to the kitchen or the living room. The Lux cot also has the option of adjusting the height of the mattress and installing an additional barrier for a child.

Baby cot 120 × 60 Tipi
Our last proposal of a baby cot is a proposal that will definitely appeal to minimalistic people. This crib is perfect for large rooms with plenty of space for other storage furniture. Teepee cot does not have a drawer, you cannot attach wheels or an additional railing to it, but thanks to scaffolding you can decorate it with a beautiful canopy or cottonballs, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your child while lying down. Teepee’s cot will grow with your child, you will be able, dear parent, to adjust the height of the mattress in it, and when your toddler grows up, you will take out three rungs, giving him the opportunity to leave the cot on his own.

Do you like our suggestions? Which crib do you like the most?

How to choose suitable baby cot? The most important elements to consider

A baby cot is one of the most important elements of a child’s room. In the first months of life, our child spends most of its time sleeping. When buying the right children’s furniture, we often only follow our aesthetic requirements. However, the most important thing is that the cot is safe for our child and is functional.

Below, we present the most important aspects that we should pay attention to when choosing a cot for a baby’s room. A good solution is to choose a piece of furniture that will grow with your child, will have an adjustable mattress height and the possibility of removing rungs. It is also worth paying attention to the arrangement of the cot. It should not be located near a window, heater and electrical appliances.

Baby cot, what materials is it made of?

The materials from which the cot was made are an important element. Wooden furniture should not contain splinters, protruding screws or other elements that may be dangerous for our children. All edges should be properly finished and protected. It is also worth checking what paints were used to paint the crib. Later, our little ones are very active, they jump, play, they can try to wrestle with the rungs. That is why it is important that the piece of furniture is durable. Wooden cots will be perfect here. The spacing of the rungs is also important. It must not be too wide, as the child may accidentally insert the head there.

Baby cot, which size should you choose?

Choosing a cot with an adjustable mattress height and the possibility of removing the rungs will mean that we will not have to invest in new furniture when the baby grows out of the current one. Thanks to this, the cot will grow with our child. When deciding on the size of the cot, it is worth paying attention to the size of the room and the place where it will be placed.

We can choose between 120 × 60 and 140 × 70 beds. We will be able to use the first of them for the child’s second / third birthday. When the child grows up, it is possible to lower the mattress and remove the rungs. In this way, the child will be able to go out freely. A cot with dimensions of 140 × 70 can be converted into a couch , therefore the furniture will be used by a child up to the age of seven. We can also install a safety railing  , so we can be sure that our child will be safe and will not fall off the bed.

What baby cot to choose? What should we be guided by?
A baby cot from the Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

Baby cot with drawers, practical and space-saving

We also offer baby cots with a drawer option . They are often built-in, in part this is an optional feature. Thanks to this, we gain additional storage space, increasing the functionality of the furniture. The drawer is perfect for keeping bedding, clothes or baby diapers. This is especially useful in small rooms where there is less storage space.

Functionality is one of the most important features that a crib should meet. Therefore, it is important that it has degrees of height adjustment of the mattress. The beds most often have a 2 or 3-stage height adjustment system. The highest level is intended for infants up to 4-6 months of age. It is a great convenience for parents, because you do not have to bend over too much to reach for the toddler. When the child grows, he starts to sit down, to get up, the mattress should be lowered for its safety.

A baby cot with the option of converting into a couch

An ideal solution for a child’s room is a baby cot that can be converted into a couch. Thanks to this, the piece of furniture grows with our child. Initially, the cot has vertical rungs, and the height of the bottom of the mattress is adjustable – thanks to this, parents do not have to bend down excessively to pull out the baby. Once it starts to rise, the bottom just needs to be lowered to prevent it from climbing over the railing. These types of children’s beds can also be easily and quickly turned into a couch . There are beds for babies, where we change the size, and those with removable side rails. The child is then free to leave the bed.

It is important that the arrangement in our child’s room is maintained, without major additional financial outlays. In this way, we save time on choosing new furniture, and most importantly also money.

What mattress to choose for a baby cot?

In the first months of life, the baby spends most of the time in the cot, therefore we should ensure proper sleep and the comfort of our child by choosing the right mattress.

Choosing a mattress is a very important step, it will support our child’s spine. Therefore, it should be flexible and adapt to the toddler’s position. It is also important that it has anti- allergic properties and “breathes”. A latex mattress that is breathable will be suitable. Made of the right material will prevent the development of mites and fungi. It also has a system of channels, thanks to which the air flows without any problems. This prevents the baby from sweating, and reduces the risk of prickly heat. By choosing the right mattress, we can be sure that we will provide our child with a healthy and comfortable sleep and contribute to the proper development of the spine.

Accessories for a baby cot

When arranging a crib for our child, we should remember to avoid the accumulation of objects. Excessive amount of stuffed animals, textiles restricts circulation, can be a habitat for mites and poses a risk of suffocation. At the beginning, it will be a good idea to place the carousel above the crib. The playing music box soothes our child and helps to fall asleep. We can also use humming teddy bears here.

An important element of the cot’s equipment is bedding and a sheet. Avoid synthetic fabrics. Let’s make sure that the set is made of natural materials that do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin. A sheet with an elastic band will be a good choice, thanks to which the fabric will not move. We should also remember that the size should perfectly match the size of the cot. The quilt should not be too large, we should also avoid decorations such as ribbons, it may endanger the safety of our child.