Furniture for teenagers and children, the ATB manufacturer’s online store invites you to check our offer

Furniture for teenagers and children, the ATB store offers furniture for the children’s room, bedroom and living room. In our arrangements, you can find furniture that will best suit you and your family. With a little imagination, you can design an interior that will become an important part of the home and to which the whole family will be happy to come back.

ATB is primarily a children’s furniture store. Our assortment is dominated by equipment for children’s rooms. However, while browsing our website, you will find that we also offer furniture and accessories for other rooms.

Youth furniture, beds, cabinets and chests of drawers.

Thanks to our products, you can furnish a baby room in a functional and safe way. We offer cots for children, chests of drawers with a changing table, cabinets and shelves, ideal for rooms for children. Many of our products grow with your child. Over time, the crib can be turned into a couch. In our store, you can buy a set of baby furniture, but also individual elements of the sets.

We also offer  furniture for teenagers that work well in teenagers’ rooms. They allow you to create a place for relaxationlearning and storage. Furniture for teenagers can be used in any arrangement. Of course, Scandinavian-style furniture is the most fashionable.

House or flat – there must be zones of life!

The house is our mainstay. A place where we come back for peace, rest and relaxation. That is why it is so important to arrange it not only tastefully but also functionally. For us to live comfortably and well, it is worth dividing the house into zones of life. Each room should have its own purpose. The kitchen is the place where we prepare meals, the dining room is the place where we eat these meals. The children’s room is a place for our children to play and relax, while the living room is a room where all household members meet and spend time together. We cannot forget about the bedroom, which is our private nightlife zone. Although not everyone can afford a bedroom, some share the bedroom with the living room, it is worth taking care of your comfort while sleeping,

Youth furniture and furniture sets for small rooms

There are places where we feel good and where we want to stay as long as possible, and there are also places where we want to escape. It is similar with apartments, there are those in which we want to live and stay, and some that we want to get rid of. It all depends on the zones of life. Do you want your home to be cozy, beautiful and safe? Take care of its device by choosing furniture and accessories that will be functional and pleasing to the eye. These are the products you will find in the ATB store: stylish dining tables and chairs, comfortable beds for bedrooms, functional chests of drawers, spacious wardrobes, comfortable sofas, timeless wall units. The mix of designs and colors means that even the most demanding customer will find here what they are looking for to arrange their life zone, so that it becomes their comfort zone,

Increase the comfort for the whole family thanks to furniture from ATB

Arranging an apartment for a family with at least one child is a real challenge. Each of the household members wants their living zone arranged according to their own needs and preferences. Children want to have their own room where they can play, rest, meet with friends, here appropriate youth furniture will come to the rescue. Parents want a separate bedroom with a little privacy. The living room, dining room and kitchen are also very important places. All household members stay in these places and each of them should feel at ease and comfortable there. Furniture and accessories that you can find in the ATB store will help you create a friendly space.

What furniture and colors should be chosen for individual rooms?

When arranging an apartment and dividing it into life zones, one should be guided by one, but very important principle: we must feel good. It does not really matter whether we choose light or dark colors of the furniture, because the most important thing is to be satisfied. By dividing an apartment into several rooms, each of which will have a different function, we can afford variety. We can arrange one room in an industrial style, the other in a continental style, a romantic bedroom, and a children’s room in a futuristic style. These are the advantages of confined spaces and diverse living zones.

However, you should be careful when choosing colors for your apartment. If we like dark colors, make sure that the room we intend to arrange in dark colors is spacious and sunny on a sunny day. Dark colors optically reduce the space and can adversely affect our psyche, and yet we do not want to feel depressing or sad in our own home. When designing the interior, let’s carefully choose the colors to the size and sunlight. Our inspirations will help you arrange each room. All our furniture proposals are in line with the current trends, so you can fully trust us.

Safe children’s furniture from ATB Meble: fashionable and practical equipment for a children’s room

As you well know, choosing furniture for a children’s room is not as easy as it may seem. They must be:

  1. Capacious – you will be surprised by the amount of necessary things when raising a child!
  2. Secure,
  3. Matching the interior – simple, one or two-color forms fit practically anywhere!
  4. Practical – even easy to install, which will leave many sleepless nights
  5. Tailored to the needs of the child …
  6. … and to the parents’ budget!

Safe children’s furniture from ATB Meble

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the collection of children’s furniture from ATB Meble. There you will find our furniture set that meets all of the above features! Made of high-quality materials, they perfectly match the global trends in furnishing a children’s room. Practicality will allow you to meet all the needs of the child, and the unique, global design will surprise every guest!

How does the manufacturer ensure the safety of children’s furniture?

The tops of our children’s furniture have rounded tops and sewn cots and couches. The furniture does not have sharp edges, protruding parts and burrs. They meet the European safety standards EN 716-1 and EN 716-2. The rungs in cots and cradles are of a suitable width so that the baby’s hand or head does not get stuck between them.

The bed (bottom of the crib) is durable and adjustable at several heights. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the child will not fall out. The materials from which we make furniture are of high quality and do not contain any structural defects. The paints and varnishes used during production have the appropriate certificates of harmlessness of the National Institute of Hygiene. The drawers have softly closing guides.