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European Kids’ Furniture Manufacturer ATB Meble

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Agnieszka and my husband and I are the owners of ATB Meble. We have been producing furniture for babies, children and teenagers since 1995. We invite you to our world of solid and aesthetic furniture for children.

We have been a manufacturer of a wide range of children’s furniture since 1995. Our products are appreciated for their high-quality workmanship and interesting design.

Our offer is the result of many years of experience. All our products meet European safety standards, the materials used for production have approvals or manufacturer’s declarations of compliance with the standard. For many years, we have been selling a large part of our production on the German, French and Dutch markets. In addition, we also offer an assortment of bedding and mattresses. We provide short lead times and professional service. All this with your satisfaction in mind.

Where did the idea for the production of ATB children’s furniture come from?

We took over the furniture company from my husband’s parents. At that time, it focused on the production of living room and kitchen furniture. In the end, we made a decision that since we became parents and we are starting to understand how many factors affect the happiness of each little toddler, it is time for a different assortment. Thus, we decided to focus on adding a brick of joy for Polish and European families, focusing on children’s furniture.

… and we developed the store step by step …

Despite many difficult months, we stuck to our assumption, hoping that we would be able to fulfill our dream. We just wanted to be able to support our family and come to work with a smile on our face. Managed to! Our furniture has already found its way to many European homes, mainly to Germany, France, the Czech Republic and even to cold Norway! It is in the Scandinavian countries, thanks to customer feedback, we managed to create a furniture base, which we are extremely proud of and on which our children grew up.

Why to buy Polish furniture for children and teenagers from ATB?

We focus on creating furniture that will last for years. In keeping with the spirit of less waste, we strive to ensure that furniture does not have to be completely replaced when the child grows up. Hence the idea to create furniture that will grow with the child and will serve for years. We act in accordance with our values. We know what we do.

ATB Meble is the strength of the experience of generations

During several years of experience, we have furnished thousands of children’s rooms all over Europe, thanks to which we have gained experience from a wide variety of clients. So we are prepared for all requirements related to safety, comfort, convenience and learning! In addition, we created furniture for the local kindergartens and schools, so who knows – maybe your child sits on our furniture every day without even knowing it?

ATB Meble is a guarantee of your child’s comfort

A good piece of furniture is, above all, comfort for the child and the possibility of its development. We also remember about parents. Our furniture is supposed to please the eyes of adults, to make it easier for them to take baths, and to change things around in these sometimes difficult moments when bringing up children. We also know that you don’t like furniture that is complicated to assemble. We try to make their assembly easy and pleasant, and the instructions clear. Thanks to this, our clients often come back to us at the birth of their next offspring, which is the most pleasant way to appreciate our commitment! 

Made by parents for parents. Safety comes first.

How are Polish kids’ furniture tested?

Each piece of furniture we offer is repeatedly tested in various conditions. The safety of your children is the most important thing for us, so you can be sure that the cabinet will not tip over during energetic play, or that the varnishes used are 100% safe. And the best tests are those in your own home. We have fallen asleep with our children many times in their beds – it will be a pleasant surprise that our children’s bed will not break under the weight of the parent and child.

The children’s furniture we offer can be modified depending on the age of the child, which makes them a good choice for many years!

Who will the furniture in ATB online store be suitable for?

Shopping with us is mainly made by parents who are expecting a child, as well as those of school age. We also invite aunts and uncles, among the furniture and accessories for a child’s bedroom in our collection, they will surely find great gifts for nephews!

Sometimes our grandmother or grandfather will visit us. Functional, wooden furniture is a great gift idea for your beloved grandson or granddaughter. 

We have proprietary furniture ideas – our unique bath chest of drawers is appreciated especially by women, right after the birth of their children, and by parents whose babies do not enjoy bathing. Most of our furniture designs are based on a need indicated by our community.

Our customers appreciate the usefulness of our products and see that our furniture is made by parents for parents.

If your child’s safety is your priority and you value ecology – choose ATB Furniture!

We love to talk about them and show how they change with our children. 
At ATB Meble, we focus primarily on the quality of workmanship, and we also make sure that you have a comfortable selection of baby and youth furniture that will certainly help you arrange your dream room.

ATB Meble polski producent mebli dziecięcych, zdjęcie budynku siedziby

Polish manufacturer of children’s furniture ATB – We are here for you. 

In our store, you can choose furniture for every type of children’s and teenagers’ rooms. They are made of completely safe, natural materials, and in the case of proposals for the youngest, they do not have sharp edges. Our modern furniture will surely appeal not only to you, but most of all to your children!

Your child’s room should inspire them. A place that will be remembered with pleasure: from bed, desk, through family photos, to books read or watched fairy tales in your favorite bookcase. 

Choose furniture with us and build your children’s memories!

Thank you for your trust and we invite you to create a dream room for our children!

Best regards,
Agnieszka and Tomasz Banasiak