Cotbed for a toddler’s room

A baby cot with a drawer will work well for slightly older children who have already outgrown their infancy. This piece of children’s furniture can be used in two ways. Or alternatively – unfold the child while sleeping and use it as a couch during the day. Or – when the toddler grows up to his own bed – simply leave it in the form of a seat. It also allows you not to get rid of the furniture, which becomes redundant. 

The ATB Meble online store offers accessories for children such as a dark graphite daybed, a cot with a reconstruction and models with oak rungs. We have no doubts that these gadgets will constitute a safe and warm lair for your child. Moreover, they are synonymous with ergonomics and safety. Foremost, we made them from healthy and natural materials (including ash wood and wood fibers). We have also deprived them of any elements, sharp edges or corners that could pose a threat to the baby.

Kid cotbed with a drawer 140x70cm, practical and durable couches

Cots with a drawer and a couch function will save you money and time. And also a place. Depending on the circumstances, it can be used alternately. And also – if we have a younger and an older child – share it between both of them. This allows you to use the furniture in an ergonomic way and postpones the need to buy another one. Anyone who lives with their family in a relatively small area will surely appreciate this option. The 2-in-1 cot is about pragmatism, ergonomics and… ecology. It will be especially useful where the free surface is very limited. 

Ergonomics is of course an important thing, but we see no reason why these more functional pieces of furniture should not be beautiful at the same time. That is why we have prepared a wide selection of these utensils in ever-fashionable styles associated primarily with home warmth. These may, for example, be examples in the Provencal or Marseille convention. But also in a classic, basic or modern style. We guarantee that each of our products in this category, despite being folded and unfolded many times, will remain durable and safe.

Sets of children’s furniture, chests of drawers with a changing table and cotbeds

A cotbed with a drawer and children’s couches are mandatory furniture for children, which should be not only comfortable, but also safe. That is why parents most often decide on a children’s bed with a railing that protects against falling out during sleep.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that most often such children’s furniture grows with the age of the toddler. What does it mean? Initially, the cot has vertical rungs, and the height of the bottom of the mattress is adjustable – thanks to this, parents do not have to bend down excessively to pull out the baby. Once it starts to rise, the bottom just needs to be lowered to prevent it from climbing over the railing. These types of children’s beds can also be easily and quickly turned into a couch – just remove the rails and set the mattress to the lowest position.

Online store with furniture for kids’ room

For a children’s room to be fully functional, it is best to choose furniture that has additional amenities. For example, Scandinavian-style furniture is often equipped with pull-out drawers to which you can hide children’s bedding. In addition, it is very practical to combine 2 × 1 children’s furniture. We are talking about a cot with a chest of drawers and a changing table, which can be adapted to the changing needs of the youngest. It is possible to convert a baby cot into a couch with a chest of drawers, and this one into a youth bed with a desk. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to replace the furniture frequently.

Many types of cots and cotbeds available on

Cots are used to keep babies safe and comfortable while sleeping. These cots are made of soft and safe materials, making them an ideal option for babies.

The use of baby cots as the basic element of interior furnishings when arranging a bedroom for a child is understandable. They provide comfort and support for children’s delicate bones, which is important for healthy growth.

Cribs are most often chosen by parents who want their children to sleep in a safe environment, free from accidents such as falling off the bed or becoming tangled in the sheets.

A baby cot is a type of bed intended for children who are not yet able to sleep on their own without additional security. It can often be folded up for storage when not in use.

These cotbeds are designed with the safety of children in mind, as they provide a level surface on which the child can safely sleep without rolling away. However, they have so soft surfaces and padding that the baby does not hurt himself when he rolls over on his stomach or back. The shape of these cots also prevents them from tipping over and suffocation by blocking the airways.