Tipi children’s furniture set with a cot

Tipi children’s furniture will be a dream come true for every child who loves to play Indian. Specially designed and made elements will allow him to feel in his room like the real native inhabitants of America. What is not here! We offer the youngest ones, among others, a Tipi tent, which will be a great starting point for kids, and at the same time a place for their sleep. In addition, we offer a baby bed made in this convention, a changing table and a wardrobe-hanger for a child.

All with details in a style reminiscent of the culture of the early peoples of North America. In this way, we wanted to combine ergonomics with aesthetics in our offer and, above all, good fun. We strongly believe that this set of equipment will provide you with many hours of entertainment and joy. And, that he will have many wonderful adventures with him. There is also nothing to prevent pale faces from participating in them – parents. In turn, elements of the culture of American tribes will introduce natural warm colors and original shapes to the interior of the room.

Tipi children’s furniture, i.e. a beautiful decor and developing children’s interests

Tipi children’s furniture we created a pinch of originality and curiosity in the toddler’s room. It is certainly not standard equipment. However, it will allow the dude to feel at home. And it always guarantees an improvement in mood. It will certainly also stimulate him intellectually. The culture of the tribes of the Americas remains a great inspiration in the world of art and architecture to this day. Also, interior architecture. The patterns, shapes, and materials had a spiritual dimension for the Indians.

Their symbolism was to evoke the good spirits of nature and bring good energy. And it must be admitted that the decor in such an edition really introduces an amazing aura. We want to introduce them also to your child’s room. But we also leave a lot to your individual creativity. You can easily add your ideas and accessories to our accessories. These can be, for example, appropriate curtains, pillows or woolen blankets. Let the toddler’s room turn into a wigwam of the Apache, Cheyenne or Sioux chief himself. A dream catcher will also be a definitely desirable element.

Tipi children’s furniture set that awakens children’s imagination

The TIPI collection is furniture designed for families where individualism and original style are of great importance. This extraordinary collection combines minimalism with Scandinavian style, drawing inspiration from the culture of the Native Americans. What certainly distinguishes this collection at first glance is a simple form, a combination of white and gray with natural materials and the use of Indian-styled accessories.

In this way, the furniture becomes not only functional and useful, but also a beautiful decoration for a child’s interior. Such furniture in a children’s room is a dream come true for every child who loves to play Indian. They have been designed to attract children’s attention with their appearance and form, and to bring the child a lot of joy. With such furniture, the room will not only gain a beautiful and original look, but also the fun in it will be great! This furniture will turn the room into an Indian village.

Tipi children's furniture collection, Polish manufacturer ATB Meble
A set of Tipi children’s furniture from the Polish manufacturer ATB

What materials are the furniture for a child’s room made of?

The TIPI children’s room furniture set is made of natural materials. The furniture was mainly made of beech wood, which was then painted white and gray. The combination of these two color elements and natural wood gave the furniture an original look. Along with giving them an Indian character, they became an unusual and unusual decorative proposition. In this way, among others, a TIPI hanger, a changing table or a tent for a children’s room were created. These furniture elements perfectly match the needs of families with one or even several small children. Thanks to its appearance, this furniture will be fun for every little boy and little girl who are looking for an asylum room and a place for unforgettable games in their asylum room.

Polish children’s furniture

TIPI children’s furniture is not only a perfect look. It is also the highest quality and safety that they provide to the youngest users. They are made of materials safe for children’s health, so they can be safely used by infants. The furniture meets the strictest standards in this respect, having the relevant European standards. Each element is made carefully, precisely and perfectly. As a result, each piece of furniture, from a cot to a shelf or tent, provides maximum safety for children.

STYLE Scandinavian style: simple form, white and gray natural materials (wood) are the hallmarks of this style
MATERIAL The set is made of beech wood and then painted in the selected color white or gray. The upper part of the frame is in the natural color of the wood, it is not varnished. 6 mm plywood is used for the bottom of the open shelves in the changing table, which is then painted with lightly whitened varnish. In the TIPI hanger, two shelves are made of 15 mm plywood and painted in the selected color. The cot frame is made of hard beech wood, polished, unpainted.
CARE For cleaning furniture, it is recommended to use commercially available furniture cleaning agents, after checking the effect of the agent in an invisible part of the furniture. The cleaning agents used must be suitable for the surface on which they will be
applied, ie chipboard laminate, natural wood etc.
Furniture surfaces can be washed with a damp cloth and then dried immediately by wiping with a soft, dry cloth. Any rubbing of the furniture surfaces is not advisable. The use of strong, corrosive cleaning agents is NOT ALLOWED !!! The countertop surfaces should be protected against direct action of hot dishes and against getting wet. The impact of heavy, hard and / or sharp objects should not be allowed.

Turn your child’s room into an Indian village!

In the life of every future parent, there comes a moment when it is necessary to furnish our child’s room. In order to cope with this task, we often have to think hard, because the requirements of children can be surprisingly high. Fortunately, thanks to the solutions available on the market, this process has been significantly simplified. One of the more proven options is to arrange the room to resemble one of the many interesting places available in the world. Let’s support learning through play and create a suitable environment for children.

Children’s furniture in an Indian style: Polish tepee collection

Tepee children’s furniture allows you to change the look of a room beyond recognition, transforming it into an Indian village. They are sold in sets or individually so that each parent can find a solution suitable for their child. This set offers many benefits not only for the youngest, but also for their parents, who will surely love the facilities that the Tipi will introduce to their lives.

Types of Tepee furniture

When talking about Tipi furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is a playroom tent. It is not only a symbol of an Indian village, but also an element that will provide the child with a lot of fun (if we decide to buy a tent, remember about a waterproof mattress, which, from the experience of parents, is a great help in keeping the room clean). The set includes, however, more equally interesting pieces of furniture that will not only allow children to spend time pleasantly, but also make life easier for parents, such as a chest of drawers, which also serves as a changing table.

Tepee furniture is extremely popular not only because of its usefulness, but also the possibility of configuration. There are various color variants and versions that differ in the elements included in the set. This allows not only to choose the model that the child will like the most, but also to make sure that we do not overpay by buying accessories that we will not use. Despite the fact that it is the children who will use the purchased furniture, many manufacturers forget that their parents are equally important, who will also use the selected set. Teepee was created both for the youngest and their guardians, so that everyone could be equally satisfied with the new element of the room and enjoy it for years to come.

What are the benefits of having Tepee furniture?

The main distinguishing feature of Tepee furniture is its unique appearance. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind interior without putting much effort. Thanks to this, the child will not only be able to enjoy the decor alone, but also invite peers who will likewise appreciate the unique appearance and possibilities provided by the set.

Tepee can provide a lot of entertainment for children of all ages. There are many ways to diversify even the most basic pieces of furniture that can be used for all kinds of games. A little creativity is enough to give an ordinary room an atmosphere that will please your child.

Despite the fact that the main role of children’s furniture is to provide a place to play, in this case we do not lose any of the practicality of the furniture. Multi functionality, which is another aspect very much appreciated by parents, allows you to save space in usually small baby rooms. Even a seemingly ordinary  cot with a Tepee motif  can turn out to be a versatile piece of furniture for a child, which allows for much more than traditional solutions.

What is the cost of buying Tepee children’s furniture

Many pieces of furniture, despite the sheer amount of benefits they provide, are unprofitable due to their price. In the case of Tepee children’s furniture, the costs do not differ significantly from the prices of other furniture, making it an investment for years, which will pay off as long as the children will use it. In addition to the appearance of the Tipi, it offers many other features that make the set once purchased will stay in the room for a very long time.

A decisive feature of such furniture is also comfort and, above all, safety. With some products, you can buy an additional mat that will increase the comfort of using Tipi. When viewing furniture, it is also worth paying attention to the ending of the edges of the furniture to be sure about the safety of its use. This was a priority in this case, so this kit is as safe as it is unique.

The available variants mean that parents can choose the right set for them, buying only the elements they will use most often. This allows you to avoid unnecessary fees and increase usability while ensuring an optimal price.

Tepee children’s furniture – who will it be suitable for?

The main factor that parents consider when buying furniture for a child is the size of the house or apartment, and in particular the room itself that the child will be in. Therefore, Tepee furniture has been designed to increase the space available for a child through intelligent design. An example is a  bookcase that also serves as a hanger , which combines many functions, allowing you to save space and money.

The Tepee set is also easy to assemble so that everyone, regardless of the level of technical advancement, can give their child unforgettable moments. Also, the style of the furniture fits perfectly with many decorations, which means that even after the metamorphosis of the room, the Tipi will still perfectly match the new surroundings.

The minimalist design makes it a perfect choice for both boys and girls, and the timeless design will ensure that it stays in style for a long time. In addition, by purchasing the right size, the furniture can be used by children of all ages, which translates into increased durability.

Children’s room in the Tepee style from ATB Meble

To make the room look like a real Indian village even more, there are many types of Tepee furniture. The purchase of the entire set will therefore be not only a quick, but also a very profitable option to achieve amazing results in a relatively short time.

We know very well that adolescent children often change their tastes, so Tepee furniture has been designed with the most demanding customers in mind, to meet all their expectations. Also, parents who plan to decorate their child’s room in the Tepee style will be pleased to know that these furniture will serve their children for a very long time, both in terms of appearance and versatility.

Tipi furniture is not only a room. Many of them can be taken outside, taking the fun outside. Thanks to its mobility, both the possibilities and creativity of the child will be elevated to a completely new level, enabling development on many levels.

Wide selection of kids furniture in online store

Thanks to the offered possibilities, Tepee furniture will turn out to be a great choice for every parent. Regardless of whether you want to arrange the entire child’s room in an easy and pleasant way, or you only need one item to finish everything up to the last button, thanks to the Tipi you will get everything you are looking for.

Emphasis on both the needs of children and parents ensures that all household members will be satisfied with their purchase. While the youngest spend hours playing, parents will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the solutions used are safe and the children will be happy like never before.