Children’s Tipi furniture, from manufacturer ATB

Tipi children’s furniture is furniture with a characteristic Indian accent that will make your child’s room more attractive. An unusual decorative motif – a stable Tipi frame, will be perfect for hanging decorative lighting or other colorful mascots. The furniture is made of solid beech wood and finished in white or gray in combination with the natural color of the wood. Furniture in warm colors in a child’s room will bring a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to play and rest. The set includes a 120 × 60 cot, a changing chest of drawers and a cabinet with two open shelves.

Tipi children’s furniture for a baby’s room

Tipi children’s furniture is a very good example of a theme decor. It will be perfect for a toddler who likes to play Indian with his parents. The individual elements of this set were styled into elements of the culture and settlement of the original American tribes. We have, among others, a Tipi tent, which will act as both a cot and the headquarters of the chief. It will work as an interesting place to relax, learn and play. Other parts of this set are a wardrobe-hanger, a changing table and a baby cot. Each is a functional piece of furniture on the one hand, and a beautiful and stylish detail of a child’s room on the other. It’s no secret that the Indian styling had a magical meaning. It was supposed to attract the good spirits and scare the bad ones away. At the same time, it was to soothe and create a natural bond between man and nature. We are convinced that this set will have a good effect on your child. It will provide a lot of fun, rest, and also allow you to learn a lot. We have no doubts that this will be the case.

Tipi children’s furniture, a set with a cot and a chest of drawers

Tipi children’s furniture is by far the most original set of furniture for a child’s room in our offer. We created it to depart a bit from the standard conventions of children’s interiors. As a child, we liked to play Indians, and we have no doubts that there will be many kids fascinated by this subject. And then having in your room such elements as a teepee baby cot, tent, hanger and wardrobe will be a fulfillment of children’s dreams. It is not a random style at the same time. The culture and creativity of the native peoples of the Americas are still admired today. They are also a great inspiration. Their shapes, emblems and design are believed to have a positive effect on humans. They develop culturally, arouse sensitivity to art and broaden horizons. It is therefore a great environment for your little one to develop culturally. It can also be done through play. Our set can also be a basic set that you can successfully enrich with other elements. Thanks to this, your child will be able to experience newer and newer adventures. It’s some long hours of entertainment and fun.