Baby furniture for a small room

Baby furniture for a small room should not only be beautiful, but also functional. And most importantly – safe. This is an element that parents, wanting to decorate their toddler as beautiful as possible, often overlook. And wrongly, because in the case of such a small child, misfortune is not difficult. Fortunately, ATB offers equipment that is both extremely aesthetic and safe. Be it a wooden bumper for a cot, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers – each such element has rounded corners and edges.

And all this so that your active baby does not hurt himself, cheap baby furniture also needs to be refined. The same is the case with elements such as a cradle, a bathing chest or a toy chest. Each of them, apart from its high ergonomics and healthy materials, is above all safe. But also very functional. The longevity and durability of our furniture means that they can be used long after our child enters the world of older children and adolescents. The toddler’s attention will also be attracted by beautiful and saturated colors.

Cheap baby furniture for a small room, safe, functional and healthy

Baby furniture for a small room is the best possible option. Nothing like wooden furnishings brings an atmosphere of warmth and coziness to the room. And it is certainly the atmosphere we would like in a baby’s room. Besides, it is a natural material. This means that it will not emit harmful chemicals, nor will it litter the environment after use. Moreover, it is a durable resource. In the past, wood products served more than one generation. Mainly because of its longevity. The aesthetic value itself is also important – we associate wood with nature. It is worth remembering when designing and arranging a child’s room. Like about functionalism. It is good when each piece of equipment has more than one function.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of baby furniture. A wide range of furniture will help parents create a warm atmosphere in their baby’s room. We are sure that everyone will find something for themselves here. Each set includes a baby cot, a chest of drawers with a changing table and other furniture necessary to furnish the room. Baby furniture, especially cots and chests of drawers with changing tables, are made with great care in accordance with European standards and safety standards.

Cheap baby furniture

At ATB, we offer cheap baby furniture. At an attractive price, you can buy safe and functional children’s room equipment. Scandinavian style furniture dominates, but you can choose between classic and Provencal styles.

We offer baby cots in many colors and designs. You can buy a crib that grows with your child. This is possible thanks to the possibility of lowering the mattress position, removing the rungs and turning the furniture into a couch. In our store you will find baby cots that meet all safety standards and have approvals.

There is also a handy chest of drawers for children in the baby’s room. What you can store in there are clothes and accessories for the care of your baby. The most popular choice is a chest of drawers with a changing table. It allows you to change the diaper convenient for the parent and safe for the baby. With time, you can remove the changing table from it, and you get an ordinary cabinet with drawers. A bath chest of drawers is also great. There is a bathtub in the bookcase. So there is no need to bend down when washing your baby.

The furniture for babies is full of cabinets, shelves and shelves for toys and books. Most are available in sets. A children’s wall unit is functional, but you can also buy individual elements of the sets. White baby furniture is very popular. They are very universal, and many people use them. They fit both boys and girls interiors.

How to furnish a baby room?

When designing a room for a child, there are many things to consider. The age of the child is very important – a room for an infant will look completely different from a room for a toddler or a room for a teenager. Before choosing children’s furniture, let’s also pay attention to the child’s gender, his preferences and the available space to arrange. The extremely important thing that you must not miss is the issue of security. If you don’t know how to go about planning a child’s room or have no idea about children’s furniture, here are some useful tips. We hope to be able to inspire you, Dear Parent.

Arrangement of a baby room

Start decorating your baby’s interior by determining the color. Recently, children’s furniture in neutral white or light brown is very fashionable. These colors fit both a girl’s room and a boy’s room. The arrangement of children’s furniture in a baby’s room should be well-thought-out. There must be a cot, a chest of drawers with a changing table, a chest of drawers with drawers for everyday clothes and a wardrobe in which you will keep, for example, outerwear for a child. All equipment should be arranged so that you can move freely between them, but at the same time everything is at your fingertips.

When looking for inspiration for a baby room, see the offer of the Polish manufacturer of children’s furniture ATB. We have several sets of baby furniture for you.

Baby furniture, who is the set for?

Baby furniture can be purchased in a set or individually. What is the difference? Essential because it is priced. Furniture for children included in the set will be cheaper than if we bought each item separately. When deciding on the entire set of furniture, we are sure that all elements will fit together. This solution will surely appeal to all parents who do not have design skills. And these are the people the furniture in the set is dedicated to. When you buy in a set, you buy cheaper, save time and have a ready-made solution for your child’s room.

It should be remembered, however, that not everyone will be able to afford to buy a set. If your child’s room is small, it may turn out that not all the furniture in the set will fit into it. However, do not worry, because the furniture from our store can be purchased both in sets and individually.

What kind of baby furniture do you need? 5 most important elements

Are you wondering what kind of baby furniture do you need? Planning a room for an unborn baby is always a challenge. There are so many things that we would like to have, but there is always something that limits us, either size, or money, or… common sense. If you want to give your child the best, there is no doubt that it is not worth blocking the room with baby furniture, because you know very well that children grow quickly and what you buy today may turn out to be completely useless in a few months. Therefore, when planning your baby furniture purchases, think carefully about what to put on and what to let go of. Today, we suggest what five pieces of furniture are most often chosen by parents when arranging a room for a newborn.

Our proposal for a baby furniture set that is worth having includes:

  • cradle for a baby
  • chest of drawers for a child with changing table
  • chest of drawers for a child for clothes
  • baby cot
  • and a changing unit

A cradle for a baby, what kind of baby’s room will be complete without it?

What furniture for a baby can do without it. The cradle is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a child’s room. The cradle is the place where your baby will go to sleep. Although some parents prefer a standard crib, in our opinion a cradle will be much better, especially if we choose a cradle with wheels. Why? Children love rocking. They fall asleep when rocking, they calm down when they rock, and when they begin to wake up during the night, the rocking allows them to fall back asleep. A cradle, especially one on wheels, will allow you and your toddler to sleep through the night. If you choose a cradle on wheels to put next to your bed when your baby cries at night, you’ll be able to calm him down quickly without getting up and clutching his arms. 

A chest of drawers for a child with a changing table is a very practical and helpful piece of furniture for children

A changing chest of drawers is irreplaceable and will serve you at least for the first year of your child’s life. The chest of drawers will accommodate clean nappies for replacement, powders, creams and other accessories necessary to change your baby. Such a chest of drawers is a piece of baby furniture that is really necessary. Thanks to it, you will be able to organize yourself better and have everything close to you, at hand.

A chest of drawers for a child for clothes, a useful and roomy organizer

This is another baby piece of furniture without which your toddler’s room will sink into chaos. A chest of drawers, preferably with a few deep drawers, will accommodate all the necessary clothes for your baby. You will keep rompers in one drawer, clowns in the other, socks and tights in the third, etc. There is no more functional piece of furniture in a baby’s room than a chest of drawers. If you are already thinking about a wardrobe for clothes, wait a moment, the wardrobe is hard to reach, and the chest of drawers will allow you to quickly organize and quickly change your baby while changing.

Baby cot, so that the baby has a place to sleep safely

You’ll need it sooner than you think. Babies are growing fast, so before you know it your toddler is going to be too big for a cradle. A cot with the possibility of lowering the level of sleep will serve your child for at least 3-4 years. Therefore, invest in a decent baby piece of furniture, which is a cot that will last for several years and can still be resold, thanks to which you will have money to buy a larger bed for a growing child.

A bath chest of drawers with a changing table closes a set of baby furniture

The last piece of baby furniture , which more and more parents are choosing, is a dresser. This is an extremely useful set for baby bathing. A bathing chest with a bathtub and a changing table will facilitate bathing and will make both you and the child feel safe during the bathing ritual. This modern combination of a baby furniture with a bathtub, changing table and a cabinet with drawers has five advantages that will convince you to buy it probably better than the best advertising. Such a set is: practical, safe, functional, universal and comfortable for mothers and children.

Functional baby furniture from the Polish manufacturer ATB Meble which you can buy online!