Baby changing unit with a chest of drawers and a bathtub


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  • Szerokość


    75,5 cm

  • Wysokość


    101,5 cm

  • Długość


    182 cm

Baby changing unit with a chest of drawers and a bathtub

A bath chest of drawers with a changing table and a bathtub, in the set, a hose is a safe product, tailored to the needs of the toddler and his mother. A modern bookcase is a combination of a comfortable changing table, a handy chest of drawers and a bathtub. A changing table in a chest of drawers with characteristic raised edges guarantees safety during use. Built into the bookcase is – hidden under the changing table, pull-out on wheels, a bathtub by Rotho Babydesign from the Top Line series. Thanks to the drain present in the bathtub, we do not have to take it off when it is filled with water. After bathing, just place the bucket under the tub and empty the tub through the hose. Another great advantage of the chest of drawers is the possibility of replacing the top with a hole for the bathtub with a full one. When the baby grows out of the bath from a small bathtub, replace the top adapted to the bathtub with a full one. We get an additional shelf, space for toys or other children’s ideas.

The chest of drawers is equipped with two spacious drawers, where you can hide all the accessories for the care of the baby and clothes. The set includes a full / removable top in place of the bathtub. An aesthetic towel hanger is also attached to the chest of drawers. The chest of drawers is suitable for right and left-handed people.

External dimensions:

The dimensions of the chest of drawers: depth 75.5cm / width 103cm / height 101.5cm

Dimensions of the chest of drawers when unfolded: 75.5cm / W 182cm / H 101.5cm

Bath tub dimensions: depth 44cm / height 22cm / length 76.5cm

Materials and workmanship:

A bathing chest with a changing table made of 18 mm thick laminated board in the colors of Ojców birch and white. The drawers are equipped with self-adjusting guides with a silent closing system. A metal, longitudinal towel hanger is mounted on the right and left sides of the chest of drawers.

The chest of drawers is available in packages for self-assembly.

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Warranty for furniture:
24 months

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