Children’s Dressers & Drawers, furniture for children and babies

Children’s Dressers & Drawers are this type of furniture that has many useful solutions.

Children’s Dressers & Drawers for the room of younger and older children

Children’s Dressers & Drawers are a very practical piece of furniture. That is why they can often be found even in very small rooms. Usually equipped with numerous drawers, they can accommodate a lot. They also influence the interior design, but fortunately they do not dominate and overwhelm the whole. Our offer includes such models as a wide chest of drawers, with high wooden legs and with ash. And also models with a drawer, basic and cabinets with drawers. 

Taking into account the current market trends, we also offer models in the currently fashionable Classic and Nordik styles. We have no doubts that everyone will find something for themselves. The more that our assortment is made of high-quality wood (usually ash) and laminated boards. They will surely match any interior design. They will not only be a great complement to it, but also enrich the whole. In addition, they will look beautiful and can accommodate a lot.

Furniture sets for a baby’s room

Furniture sets for a baby’s room provide a lot of practicality thanks to solutions that facilitate the care of a child. They can be, for example, models with a changing table. But also more advanced versions, additionally equipped with a bathtub and a hose. They will be perfect for a baby’s room. Thanks to them, you will be able to quickly change his diaper while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We also offer simpler ones, equipped only with a changing table. 

The undeniable advantage of such a solution is the fact that when the child grows up, you can use them like ordinary furniture. We also have the usual classic, but roomy chests of drawers, in which you can store clothes and accessories of our toddler. In turn, for slightly older kids, we have prepared versions, in which, in addition to clothes, they will be able to store, for example, toys. What draws attention in the case of these products is their extremely beautiful design. We have no doubts that every child’s room will turn into a magical place with them.

Children’s chest of drawers, designed to be practical and roomy.

Chests of drawers are functional and practical pieces of furniture that should be present in every child’s room. At the beginning, it is worth mentioning that children’s furniture should be stable and safe. This means they must not wobble and should also have rounded edges. In addition, there are three types of chests of drawers for children : classic, with a changing table or bath.

Classic chests of drawers do not differ much from those that can be found in other rooms – they are only structurally suited to the needs of the youngest. This type of furniture for children is most often equipped with several drawers, you can also find versions with drawers and shelves. Recently, chests of drawers with milled handles, which are considered safer, have become popular. Scandinavian-style furniture with wooden and round handles is also popular.

Furniture for a baby’s room, solid and durable

A chest of drawers with a changing table is a practical choice for a baby’s room. The difference is that a changing table is attached to the table-top, which can then be dismantled. This type of furniture for children “grows” with their age.

Chests of drawers are a type of furniture that is used to store clothes, usually in a bedroom. Chests of drawers are usually made of wood. They can be found in many configurations, including drawers, doors and shelves. Usually, chests of drawers are placed against the wall or head of the bed.

A children’s room is really just a children’s bedroom. We will help you create the perfect space for your child, which is not only functional, but also looks great.

Bath cabinets are also becoming more and more popular. They are equipped with a bathtub and a drain hose. It is a practical solution, especially for people who do not have a bathtub.