Furniture for children’s and babies’ rooms, ATB shop

Furniture for a child’s room, the store with furniture for children and teenagers invites you, we offer wardrobes, chests of drawers and complete sets of equipment. Furniture for a children’s room differs significantly from the version for adults. Appropriate equipment should also definitely be selected according to the height and age-related needs of the child. Safety and comfort are also important. We have been successfully dealing with these issues for over two decades. We produce and offer our clients high-class desks, chairs and highchairs for children as well as cots, shelves or shelves.

Our assortment includes all the elements of a toddler’s room equipment. There are also tables and small tables, wardrobes and bedside tables, couches and boxes for toys. The unquestionable advantage of our products is their high ergonomics. For example, such a chest of drawers with a changing table, when the toddler grows up or grows up, it can be used as an ordinary piece of furniture for storing clothes or linen. We assure you that we have many more such gadgets. Moreover – our articles always mean good materials. Plus – a few original systems and kits. With them, every kid will feel comfortable and safe in their room.

Furniture for a baby’s room, chests of drawers with a changing table, baby cots, safety rails

Furniture for a baby room is a more delicate matter. The decoration of these rooms usually requires a high degree of ergonomics and increased safety. Here, life will certainly focus on such an element of equipment as a baby bed or a cradle. And around it there will be a chest of drawers with a changing table, a bathing chest and cabinets. All of this in the right size and proximity. Because it is not uncommon for a parent to have quick and convenient access to utensils or cleaning products during an emergency. In addition, racks and shelves should allow for quick and good organization of all this mess. And our products guarantee it. Over twenty years of experience has made us know how to design and manufacture equipment for the youngest. And we can do it both pragmatically, and beautiful. Protective barriers for beds and couches, mirrors, mattress protectors – these are just some suggestions from our assortment that will take care of the baby as good as possible. We just like to combine beauty with usability and safety.

Furniture for a child’s room, a desk is very important

When arranging a room for a growing child, we need to think carefully about what kind of furniture we are going to choose. While we will change furniture for a toddler or a few-year-old child at least once or twice, the furniture for a teenager will stay with him for longer. Teenagers already know what they want. Teenagers already have their own style, favorite colors or activities that are so well-established that you can trust such a child that they will not change their mind in an hour. In a room for a teenage child, a bed and storage space, such as a wardrobe or a chest of drawers, are very important. An equally important piece of furniture, however, is the desk.

Although many parents do not pay much attention to what desk they buy, we suggest – a desk is an important piece of furniture! A desk is a place where your child will sit down very often, doing homework or reading a book or playing on the computer. Although you may not realize it, a poorly chosen desk will have a bad effect on your child’s development. A desk that is too low will stand as an unnecessary piece of furniture, because the child will not want to sit in it, because when he has to slouch against it, he will feel pain in his spine, which will discourage him from using the desk. A desk that is too narrow, on which a book and a computer will not fit, is also not a good solution.

If a child sees that it does not fit on the desk, they will run away with their homework on the bed or the floor. This way, it will turn out again that the desk is an unnecessary piece of furniture. A desk that does not have a drawer or a container to hold books may also not appeal to your child. So as you can see, choosing a desk is not so simple and obvious. You need to pay attention to: the height of the desk, the width of the desk and its functionality. If you decide to have a desk without a drawer – make sure it has a cupboard on the side or at least a container inserted underneath it. In our store, you will find various types of desks that can be called functional furniture for a youth room. Our desks are adjustable, wide and have storage functions in the form of containers on wheels or cabinets with drawers attached to the desk. In our store, you will find various types of desks that can be called functional furniture for a youth room.

How to choose a wardrobe for a child’s room?

Another important piece of furniture that should be in your adolescent’s room is the wardrobe. Until recently, chests of drawers were the most popular piece of furniture for storing clothes. Everyone wanted such a chest of drawers! They were supposed to be functional and comfortable. And they were, but the time for chests of drawers is slowly passing and wardrobes are returning to favor again. Why? And this is because it turns out that the wardrobe is the most comfortable piece of furniture, which, thanks to the use of drawers, can be used as both wardrobes and chests of drawers at the same time. All those who like drawers will be satisfied when choosing one of our wardrobes, because our wardrobes also have drawers in which you can store, for example, underwear.

How to choose the perfect wardrobe for a youth room? You should definitely be guided by the preferences of the child. If we have a small, messy person at home, let him learn order and put on a large wardrobe with drawers and hanging rails. If your child is decent, he or she will definitely like a smaller wardrobe with a chest of drawers next to it. In the ATB online store, everyone will find a piece of furniture for themselves. When it comes to wardrobes, there are many models to choose from. You can choose a small narrow wardrobe or put on a large, spacious three-door wardrobe. It all depends on how much space you have in the room and how your child likes to store clothes. Large wardrobes with bars are very convenient, because when all the clothes are hanging on hangers, it is definitely easier to find them in the thicket of clothes, especially if you have a lot of clothes in one color that seemingly do not differ from each other. On the other hand, wardrobes with drawers create a place for storing linen.

Classic style furniture – how to recognize?

Classic-style furniture in the offer of the ATB Meble online store is aimed at people who value tradition, functionality and comfort. Classic interiors have been popular among interior designers and users for many years. This is due to the attractiveness of the style, thanks to which the interest in it continues to attract attention. What is the characteristic of this type of interior arrangement and how to arrange the interior in accordance with its assumptions?

The versatility of solutions in a classic style of interior design

The classic style is a timeless style in which universal solutions count. When arranging interiors, use proven decorative elements that ensure elegance, comfort and functionality. What counts here above all is good taste and ensuring the well-being of users. Timelessness is an important element of the style. These features have been functioning for centuries, creating a substantial basis for classic arrangements that are arranged today.

Classic style and its origin

The origins of the classical style go back to very distant times. It alludes to arrangements that have their origins in the times of ancient Rome and Greece. It was from that period that many patterns and motifs were taken, with a characteristic meandering motif, stone for finishing floors, typically black and white checkerboard or acanthus leaves, which are used to decorate the interior.

The features characteristic of this style were also influenced by classicism, used primarily in decorating windows with fabrics, wallpapers, or in the selection of furniture upholstery. There are also clear references to genre scenes from the French villages of Toile de Jouy. However, this is not the end of inspirations that go further. You can notice a lot of references to the manor style, which has its roots in the décor of noble mansions, or to the 19th century Biedermeier, i.e. bourgeois style with characteristic furniture made of bent wood. These are not the only decorations that are characteristic of this style, and which inspire the classic style. Fascinations with bright fabrics and floral motifs are visible here.

It is worth noting that today the English style with its dark furniture, mainly desks and libraries, as well as upholstery fabrics and characteristic wallpapers in green and maroon colors, is considered classic. The eclectic style from the nineteenth century, which arises from attempts to combine classicism with gothic and oriental inspirations, is also considered classic.

Features of universal classic style

The common features of the classic style in all its inspirations and varieties are simplicity and harmony, as well as moderation, classic proportions and seriousness. One of the very important principles is the principle of symmetry, which assumes the use of the same solutions, i.e. arranging two pieces of equipment symmetrically to each other or two pieces of furniture. An important element is also linking all the elements that compose a given interior, so that the arrangement looks coherent and harmonious.

In practice, this means that if the interior is designed on a circular plan, then this motif should also be repeated as a guiding motif on other interior elements, i.e. the ceiling, in rounded furniture shapes, on the floor, etc. You must also choose classic color solutions, i.e. subdued and maintained in colors such as brown, beige, gray or creams. Green, burgundy, shades of blue, as well as golden and silver accents are also allowed.

What materials to use to arrange an interior in a classic style?

When looking for materials that are suitable for classic interiors, you should focus on nature. This means that in order to achieve the appropriate effects, which will fully correspond to the style assumptions, the choice should be made of materials of natural and noble origin, such as walnut, mahogany, teak, oak, maple or cherry, as well as stone, granite and marble. . Wood is perfect for floors and coffers, for kitchen worktops and furniture. In turn, granite and stone are perfect for walls, floors, as well as countertops, fireplace frames. A very good solution is also silk carpets and woolen carpets of high quality, as well as leather, precious metal and leather elements.