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Baby furniture, Polish manufacturer

Baby furniture has been produced in Poland by ATB MEBLE SC since 1995. Thanks to many years of experience, today we are a renowned company, offering high-quality furniture for children, which is not only distinguished by durability and functionality, but also attractive aesthetics, in line with the latest trends.

In our store you will find children’s furniture for every room, large and small. The offered sets of furniture are made of completely safe, natural materials. Furniture for a child’s room does not have sharp edges. Our modern furniture will surely appeal not only to you, but most of all to your children!

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We have been producing children’s furniture for over a quarter of a century

Baby furniture is a serious topic. We know it perfectly well, producing them for over 25 years. Be it a  desk with an adjustable top  and changing table, a large wardrobe or a wall shelf. All these elements of equipment have been designed to combine safety and functionality. Of course, with eye-catching aesthetics. Such a cradle with a mattress and bedding or  a chest of drawers with a changing table  are the best proof of this. We have been producing furniture for decades and we have always followed fashionable trends. Also because most of our styles are universal and timeless. Our offer includes both single pieces of furniture and whole  systems of children’s rooms. Among them, in turn, there are both classic, regional and modernist decorations. How does our assortment differ from other similar products? First of all, quality and durability. Our products are furniture made of natural materials, finished in a way that is safe for children, which in itself may be the best review.

Meble dziecięce ATB Meble park maszynowy
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Functional furniture for a children’s room from a company with a long tradition

Modern furniture for a child’s roomin the ATB Meble online store will surely appeal to even the most demanding parents. Why? Because it is primarily the highest quality products, supported by great craftsmanship and experience of almost three decades. As well as many ergonomic solutions. Be it a wardrobe with wooden legs, a computer desk made of solid birch or a single bed – they all have smooth edges and a light, yet stable structure. In addition, we made them from natural and completely safe materials. Perfect for fun activities, as well as strenuous learning or regenerating sleep. We also took care of the aesthetic effect. In addition, the colors of our furniture will certainly appeal to younger and older children. We are dominated by subdued, but at the same time vivid, calming colors. What is also important – due to their durability and strength, our products can serve more than one generation. And also as universal equipment in an adult room. They will surely bring a romantic atmosphere of warmth and coziness to any room.

How to furnish a children’s and teenagers’ room?

Contrary to appearances, the matter is not as simple as it seems. Arranging a toddler or young person’s room is quite a demanding challenge. The key in this case is the selection of the right equipment. Safety and comfort are by far the most important in this matter. And also healthy materials. Fortunately, ATB Meble features these features even in the smallest detail. Be it a youth computer desk, a bookcase, a youth desk or a single bed without a mattress. For us, each product is a combination of comfort and safety. It is no different when it comes to the durability of our systems. The fact that they were made with the use of classic technologies and with really good quality wooden elements and laminated boards means that they can be used by more than one generation. At the same time, our furniture is devoid of protruding elements, that could pose a risk to the child. It is similar with another important parameter – aesthetics. In this respect, our products also stand out positively. Beautiful design, a multitude of styles and great colors complete our unique offer.

A friendly online store offering equipment for a children’s room

Our online service, where we sell our assortment, also does not differ from high standards. Above all, we wanted it to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the details of our products. That is why each piece of furniture in our selection has been provided with a detailed description and high-quality photographs. So that you do not miss any of their high quality and charm. In addition, we have equipped our online store with a good search engine that will help you quickly locate the item you are looking for. We have also created clear and transparent categories, in which you will find grouped cabinets, desks and chests of drawers. We have created separate departments for entire furniture systems. And in order to make shopping with us as convenient and simply comfortable as possible, we have also focused on an intuitive and friendly interface. And also an aesthetic but clear design. We wanted the graphic design to help navigate our store rather than distract. Following the trail of modern solutions, we also offer a multitude of convenient payment methods. And we send the purchased items in no time, in accordance with the idea of ​​fast shipping.

Our baby furniture is thoroughly tested to ensure maximum safety for your child

Furniture for children to learn, play and rest

We designed our children’s furniture primarily with active children in mind. But also with multi-functionality in mind. It is known that the youngest have a hundred ideas per minute. And the equipment of their room must fit into each of them. Both in terms of usability, ergonomics and simple safety. That is why each of our children’s furniture sets, as well as its individual elements, are characterized by high functionality. And this regardless of whether it is a wooden wardrobe, bookcase, bed or desk. Each of them will surely meet the strictest requirements of the youngest reviewers. Our production equipment will be perfect for playing, relaxing and learning. When designing them, we focused primarily on their friendliness and durability. We wanted them to literally “grow with the child” and follow his development. Therefore, often with minor modifications, they can serve for many years. Of course, serve safely, because we have used a number of mechanisms in them, thanks to which they do not pose any threat to the kid.

Children’s furniture, sets with a fashionable appearance

We believe that children’s furniture should, above all, create a safe and creative space in a child’s room. Each piece of equipment and all of them together should give the little ones the opportunity, and even support the development of their senses and imagination. A room is a place where they spend quite a lot of time, so elements such as shelves, chests of drawers or cabinets should meet children’s needs and even inspire them. It was with this in mind that we designed our assortment. And that is why it combines security with aesthetics and ordinary pragmatism. But we also did not neglect the aesthetic aspects. Our Polish furniture for childrenwe offer a dozen or so different styles. Different, but always elegant, beautiful and inspiring. There are classic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian or fashionable Provencal sets here. There will be something for the room of a dreamer, scientist, cosmonaut or traveler. We even have sets stylized as an Indian village. And much, much more, because this is only the beginning of our wide offer. Each day spent in a room with such equipment will be a real adventure for a toddler.

Baby furniture that is safe for the baby

Baby furniture is a piece of equipment that accompanies a toddler from an early age. Therefore, they must combine functionality and appropriate aesthetics with safety. It is the last point that is crucial in this case. A set of furniture for a baby’s room must be designed and constructed in such a way as to simultaneously facilitate the care of the baby and not pose a threat to him. This is what we produce at ATB Meble. When designing our assortment, first of all, we wanted to create equipment in which the child’s presence would not hurt himself. That is why our chests of drawers, wardrobes and cradles have, among other things, rounded edges. Thanks to them, you can minimize the risk of impact or abrasion. In addition, our baby beds have special, durable safety barriers. They protect the toddler not only against falling out. The appropriate spacing of the rungs means that the toddler will not break anything or put his head inside. And on top of all this – we manufacture durable equipment only from natural, friendly materials. It is certainly worth trusting our many years of experience.

Durable baby furniture, useful for many years

When designing our baby furniture, we also thought about ergonomics and pragmatism. We wanted both the whole sets and their individual elements to be as practical as possible. We also wanted our pieces of furniture for the baby’s roomThey were also useful when the toddler has already grown a little. And on top of all this – that they should also be elegant and aesthetic, not to say beautiful. It was a difficult task, but in our opinion, we managed it. The result is safe, functional and nice equipment. And the use of natural materials makes it also ecological and nature-friendly. No part or element of it will release harmful chemicals into the environment. After being thrown out, it will not clutter it. All these advantages will help bring an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and peace to the room. We have no doubts that our chests of drawers with a changing table, shelves or shelves will create such an atmosphere. And at the same time, they will ensure a good night’s sleep for both the baby and his loving parents.

Modern youth furniture sets for teenagers

Youth furniturethat’s just a challenge! After all, every teenager has his own opinion and style. Their room is a real temple of privacy. It is here that they listen to their favorite music, receive guests, learn and rest. But most of all, it is a place that expresses and is a reflection of themselves – their views, tastes and interests. A horse with a row to anyone who can keep up with today’s young man! The more so, making the right equipment for such a demanding customer is a real art and a feat. And yet we dare to say that mainly thanks to many years of experience, we have succeeded. Our birch wood shelves, a bedside table or a desk with a cupboard and drawer are the best proof of this. Just like a table with chairs, a bookcase and a two-door wardrobe. All these functional and safe elements can be purchased from us separately. But they make up elegant sets that will make a young man’s room a friendly, safe and private space. And all this in a wide range of styles. We offer modern, classic, minimalist, Scandinavian and many other systems.

Youth furniture, stylish, universal and functional

We designed youth furniture with a view to equipping the room of a dynamic person. That is why we have attached so much importance to their safe use. We wanted our proposals for slightly older children to be able to keep pace with them and withstand the pace of their lives. And at the same time – to inspire, fuel creativity and … allow you to simply feel at home. And effectively isolate oneself from the world against which young people often rebel. That is why as a manufacturer of youth furniturewith a quarter of a century of experience, we focused, among others, on calming, saturated colors. The colors of our kits will certainly calm down, but also stimulate the imagination and willingness to learn. Regardless of whether you choose the Classic, Marseille or Provence set for your child – each of them has shapes and colors that will definitely appeal to every adolescent teenager or older child. This effect also works with items purchased separately. Here, too, we used natural materials, which – as you know – are ecological, but also allow you to be a bit closer to nature. Because we know that modern youth needs it.

Children’s furniture in modern and fashionable styles

Meble młodzieżowe kolekcja Betula producent polski ATB Meble

As a Polish furniture manufacturer with over a quarter of a century of tradition and experience, we design and manufacture equipment in a wide range of styles. In our online store you will find over a dozen original offers. Each of them is our original project, although some of them could have been created as a result of inspiration. For supporters of tradition or classic decorations, we have prepared sets of Classic, Betula and Basic children’s furniture. These are styles that many will associate with a family home, the same atmosphere and warmth. People who want to create such an atmosphere in their child’s room will surely like it. The Sweet and Terra 2 sets are kept in a modern atmosphere. Scandinavian and not only minimalism is represented by the Nordic system. It is subdued colors, simplicity, harmony and space. Space, which will surely stimulate the creativity of young and slightly older users. We also offer sets inspired by the recently fashionable Provencal or Marseille conventions. If you care about something completely different – we offer Teepee and Yeti sets. This style is inspired by Indian culture or with natural wooden inserts.

Why is it worth choosing children’s furniture sets from ATB Meble?

Meble niemowlęce kolekcja Basic polski producent ATB Meble

First of all, because we have really extensive experience as a manufacturer of furniture for teenagers and children. We have been producing them for a quarter of a century. This is how much we survive on the market, mainly thanks to the multitude of satisfied customers. We strive to ensure that our products combine functionality and ergonomics with a beautiful appearance. We also do everything to make them as safe as possible for their youngest users. Because we know that childhood and youth have their rights that, as a manufacturer, we must respect and take into account when designing. We also focus on healthy materials. Our equipment elements are free of any artificial or chemical materials. Even the paints we use do not contain them. We focused on wood and its derivatives. And all this because we want so that young users grow up in the presence of healthy materials. We chose wood because it is a natural, ecological and beneficial raw material. In addition, it is neutral and hypoallergenic, which means that even people with allergies can use it. It is also, contrary to appearances, a lot of endurance. And if properly maintained – also a long service life.