A chest of drawers with a changing table and a bathtub, children’s furniture

A chest of drawers with a changing table and a bathtub is must-have furniture for parents. They help in many activities related to the care of babies.

A functional chest of drawers with a changing table and a bathtub

A chest of drawers with changing table and a bathtub is a piece of furniture for a newborn’s room, the purchase of which is definitely worth considering when choosing a layette for your baby. It is a piece of furniture that significantly simplifies the life of parents at a time when their child is still in the infancy. Although you can do without it, anyone who uses it once will find that it is an extremely convenient accessory. And also ergonomic, because later it can be used as an ordinary piece of furniture. 

In our online store you will find, among others, models such as a changing table with short legs. This is the simplest version of this solution. It fulfills all basic functions, while not taking up too much space. But we also offer more advanced units. For example, versions with drawers and a cupboard, with a rounded changing table and with a bathtub and a hose. It is a true three-in-one, and at the same time extremely useful and ergonomic tools. They give the opportunity not only to change the diaper, but also to wash the baby. Thanks to these solutions, we can be sure that we guarantee our child maximum hygiene and care.

Folding chests of drawers with a changing table on short legs, with drawers and a cupboard

A bath chest of drawers with a changing tableand a bathtub are the perfect solution for busy parents. Because it happens that we change a newborn, even several times a day. Rarely, this process does not run without surprises, such as wetting the clothes, bed, sheets or blankets. That’s why rounded changing mats are such a good idea. Thanks to their special shape, we are sure that no “undesirable material” will get beyond the “zone of action”. 

With us, even the simplest chest of drawers, thanks to its ergonomic shapes, allows you to avoid such situations. An interesting solution is also a shelf with a scrolling function. It does not take up much space, can accommodate a lot and at first glance it is difficult to guess its hidden functionality. But at ATB Meble, we would not be ourselves if we had not prepared these useful products in a wide range of styles. That is why you can get, among others, versions in the classic, Scandinavian, Provencal or modern style. You will certainly match them to your interior or themed children’s room. Their calm and subdued colors will also make the toddler much calmer during the entire “operation”.

Children’s furniture store

A changing table is a practical and functional piece of furniture in the children’s room. It is baby furniture that is becoming more and more popular among young parents. What do they look like?

This type of children’s furniture resembles a classic chest of drawers, equipped with several drawers. However, there is a changing table instead of the table-top. It is a universal solution because it allows easy and quick access to baby accessories, such as diapers, blankets, and powders. Interestingly, in most cases, the changing table can also be dismantled, thanks to which these children’s furniture grows with the age of the youngest and adapt to their constantly changing needs.

Necessary furniture for a newborn’s room

When choosing a chest of drawers with a changing table, you should pay attention to several important elements. The furniture should have rounded edges to prevent accidental sticking. The chest of drawers must also be stable and unstable. No less important are shelves and drawers, it is worth considering what is the right choice in a given case.

In addition, in the offer of our store with children’s furniture in the Scandinavian style, you can also find a changing table with open cabinets . To increase the comfort of using them, they are equipped with two wheels with brakes, so you can move them anywhere.

What is a baby changing table?

The changing table is a piece of furniture for babies. It is often just a low side table with a padded top that is usually raised off the floor. It may have drawers for storing diapers, wipes, clothes and other necessary things for a baby or child. The design of the table makes it easy to clean up after changes and supplement it with everything you need.

When picking up your baby or changing the nappy on the changing table, keep these features in mind:

  • The low height of the changing table allows the child to change the upright position while sitting or standing.
  • Materials are easy to clean after changes and replenish them with everything you need.

How to choose the best chest of drawers for a children’s room?

A changing chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that is usually used to store things that are helpful in caring for a child. It is most often made of various materials such as wood or furniture board.

Chests of drawers can be of various sizes and shapes. There are various things to consider before choosing the best one for your family. Some factors to keep in mind are: the size, the material from which it is made and its functionality.