Changing Table Dressers to make childcare convenient

A chest of drawers with a changing table and a bathtub makes it easier to take care of children, changing diapers becomes faster and easier.

Changing Table Dressers and other baby furniture from the Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

A bathing chest with a changing table and a bathtub is an extremely useful piece of furniture for a baby’s room. Any parent who uses it will surely agree with us. It is usually installed in a child’s room, but it can also be done in other rooms. Contrary to the regular version, it has an additional baby bath? When is it useful? Every parent will admit that… almost always. It rarely happens that rewinding takes place without “leaks”. 

Usually we use wet wipes then. This model gives you more possibilities. You can bathe your baby thoroughly in the tub right away. As a result, the skin under the diaper will be dry, clean and moisturized. The bath water flows into the bucket, and you can immediately pour it out into the toilet. I don’t think mum or dad is here who would deny the ingenuity and usefulness of this invention. The chest of drawers itself is a great place where we can gather all the useful accessories for baby’s hygiene. These can be, for example, oils, powders or creams. The whole creates a sensational set for emergencies.

A bathing chest with a changing table and a bathtub, an ergonomic and ingenious invention

A bathing chest with a changing table and a bathtub, at first glance, does not differ from ordinary furniture. This is because the entire baby bathing kit is carefully hidden. This means that it slides into the chest of drawers from the side. In this edition, it works like an ordinary piece of furniture. You can store in it both washing accessories, clothes and diapers. The piece of furniture itself takes up little space and is very ergonomic. When our little one grows out of it, we can install an optional table-top instead of a bathtub. Thanks to this, we will get an additional shelf. So this copy is not only ergonomic, but also ecological. The model can also be useful for storing other things. Its aesthetics are also important. Bright colors, immediately associated with cleanliness and a minimalist look, will fit perfectly into a Basic, minimalist interior, Scandinavian or classic. In our store, you can buy the rest of the equipment in this style. We invite you to compose your own interior with this interesting piece of furniture.

Online store with baby furniture, we also offer complete sets of furniture for a baby’s room

A bath chest of drawers is a practical and easy-to-use piece of furniture for children. It is a combination of a bookcase with drawers, a changing table and a bathtub. Importantly, baby bathing chests most often have a hose that allows for quick drainage of water. Thanks to this, the bathtub does not have to be removed in order to empty the water out of it.

The advantage of bathing chests with a changing table is that they are shaped so that every parent can handle the bathing of babies. In addition, the newborn can be moved to the care area immediately after washing, and all accessories are at hand thanks to children’s furniture with shelves.

Practical furniture for a child’s room

Most often, bathing chests can be found in two versions. The first one is more extensive, it requires a lot of space in the children’s room. But it is also more practical, because in one place you can bathe your baby, change him or her, and apply appropriate lotions. Most often, these are Scandinavian-style furniture that can be easily adapted to the arrangement of the room. There are also mobile baby furniture of this type available. We are talking about racks on wheels with open shelves and a bathtub located at the top. They do not take up so much space and are usually cheaper to buy.

Changing Table Dresser is it worth having?

Changing Table Dresser is one of those furniture for a child that has recently become more and more popular among parents. Until recently, there was no talk of such “inventions”, and the only salvation for our spine was the purchase of a stand for a bathtub. Fortunately, the bathing cabinets definitely dethroned all the bathtub racks, which were not only unstable, but also terribly ugly. The stand for the bathtub was only removed at the moment of bathing, and then quickly hidden until the next time, so that it would be lost in the depths of the wardrobe. Today’s bath cabinets are so tasteful and blend in beautifully with other furniture in the room that we brag about them to our friends. What if it seems to you that a bath cabinet is an unnecessary expense? If you still have some doubts about whether to buy a bath cabinet, we will dispel them in a moment.

Why is it worth having a bath cabinet in a baby’s room?

Changing Table Dresser provides comfort for both the parent and the baby during the evening bath. Thanks to the bath chest of drawers, you can bathe your child in a room where it is always warm and pleasant. While bathing, standing at the dresser, you save your spine, because you bathe your baby while standing up. A bath in a traditional bathtub will certainly not be so comfortable for you or your child. The rack on which the bathtub stands does not take up much space, you can successfully place such a chest of drawers anywhere in the children’s room. This is not the end of the advantages of a bath chest of drawers! With such a chest of drawers, you can bathe your child with a partner, because the chest of drawers provides access to the child from all sides. You will really appreciate it when you use it at least once!

Changing Table Dresser from the ATB Meble online store

Now that you know how functional and useful a chest of drawers is for a child, let’s take a look at the models available in our store. In the ATB Meble online store, you will find several types of bathing table dressers. We have chests of drawers consisting of a bathtub placed on a cabinet with wheels and a chest of drawers with a bathtub and changing table. The latter type is available in two color versions. A bathing chest with a changing table and a bathtub is a safe and extremely comfortable piece of furniture for children, which will satisfy every mother and her little one. 

The bathing chest is equipped with two drawers in which you can keep all the necessary things that are worth having at hand: towels, nappies, baby care cosmetics. There is a changing table above the drawers. The changing table on the chest of drawers has raised edges, thanks to which we are sure that the baby will not fall off after a bath or during a nappy change. The bathtub is hidden under the changing table. To remove it, pull the edge of the table on which it is located. A hose is mounted under the bath, thanks to which we can easily drain the water into the bucket after bathing. As you can see, the manufacturer has thought of everything.

A bathing chest of drawers will be useful for the first year of a child’s life, and what later?

When your child grows out of the bathtub, and you can move to the large bathtub with the bath, the tabletop on which the chest of drawers was mounted can be replaced with a full one. In this way, you get a new piece of furniture that will serve your child even longer. Now you probably have no doubts that such a functional, safe and universal chest of drawers is worth having?