A set of baby furniture, manufacturer’s online shop

A set of baby furniture. The Basic children’s furniture collection is a beautiful in its simplicity, set of furniture, which impresses with its elegant style of workmanship. Very simple shapes, a minimum of ornaments allows for the organization of space in a child’s room depending on the prevailing trends and own creativity. The fronts of the furniture remain perfectly smooth and without handles. The furniture uses a high-quality touch system that eliminates slamming and ensures quiet and gentle closing of the door.

Basic set of baby furniture, Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

A set of furniture for a nursery, two-door wardrobes, chests of drawers with a changing table

A set of furniture for a basic baby’s room is a good proposition for those who want to arrange this interior in a functional way and without unnecessary extravagance. They will also be a good choice for people who are thinking of a minimalist style in this interior. It is obvious that the fewer things in a room for a kid, the better. The more so because the children’s room is not big. Certainly, however, there should be a place for such equipment as a functional chest of drawers with a changing table, a cot, a couch and a cradle with a mattress and bedding. Our online store with children’s furniture straight from the manufacturer offers both complete systems and sets, as well as their individual elements. These can be, among others, a two-door wardrobe on legs, a hanging shelf and a chest of drawers. But also a drawer for a cot and a white safety rail for the bed. This, What distinguishes our range in this category is, above all, good workmanship and elegant aesthetics. Our basic equipment is the perfect combination of beauty and ergonomics.

A set of furniture for a basic baby room, hanging shelves, drawers, cots, cradles

A set of furniture for a basic baby’s room is synonymous with minimalist beauty and comfort. And also a good option for those parents who like simple decor. It will also work in rooms where there is simply not much space. The lack of protruding decorative elements allows you to save a bit of it. At ATB, we know very well how important space is in a child’s room. That is why we were preparing a system that would create it, and at the same time, it would not require giving up any essential functionality. Be it a cradle, a wardrobe or a baby cot – each of them is a piece of furniture that will please the eye with its appearance. But it will also allow you to take good care of your baby thanks to its ergonomics. The high level of safety guaranteed by our equipment should also be emphasized. You can be sure that the baby would not get hurt in them. The height, material, finish and spacing of the rungs have been selected so that both the child and parents can feel safe and comfortable. In turn, the quality and workmanship guarantee durability for a long time.