Children’s white furniture, Scandinavian style

White furniture for children, Scandinavian style, i.e. the Nordik collection in a minimalist color climate. When preparing the designs of our furniture, we wanted the collection to be kept in a clear and minimalist style. We focused on timeless white in combination with stylish ash wood. The wood pattern is never even, so all wooden elements in the collection will always have a unique grain and color scheme.

White furniture for children is a way to create a children’s room for both boys and girls. Functional and solidly made furniture that will grow with the child from the first days of life, will not disappoint small users and, above all, meet the expectations of parents. Bearing in mind the safety of amused children, we constantly make sure that our furniture is strong, stable and maximally useful for many years. A simple, subtle form of low-legged furniture will certainly fit into any room.

Children's furniture Nordik collection Polish manufacturer ATB Meble

White furniture for children, cabinets, bookcases, beds with reconstruction

Nordik white furniture for children is a set of furniture with a bed for those parents who plan to furnish a child’s space in a Scandinavian or minimalist style. It is a style that has been popular for over a dozen years. And no wonder, because apart from occupying the space in the room economically, it is characterized by a calming color and the advantage of functionality over unnecessary decorations. A cabinet on low legs, a cot with reconstruction or a chest of drawers with ash on legs – all these pieces of furniture that optimally combine high ergonomics with interesting aesthetics. And above all, with the child’s safety. Just like a wall shelf for photos, a bookcase with shelves and an open wardrobe. All these elements of equipment that we have designed, inspired by the design from the north. Moreover – knowing that that children can be very active – we have stripped them of protruding or potentially dangerous corners or trim. The colors of the elements of this set are also important. The predominance of white and subdued colors makes the toddler focus faster during learning, calms down and rests.

White furniture for children, sets of furniture for the children’s room

White furniture for children not only looks elegant and is functional. It is also a set of furniture that will help you save some space. Equipment in the Scandinavian style is characterized by good ergonomics. This means that each of its elements takes up as much space as needed to perform its function well. There are no unnecessary elements and ornaments here. Simply elegant and useful components. That is why it is a good option wherever a child’s room does not impress with its size. On the one hand, they will not take up valuable space, on the other – they will allow the toddler to be active even in a relatively small space. At the same time, these pieces of furniture prove that when choosing such a solution, we do not have to give up a nice appearance and the same aesthetics. The Scandinavian and minimalistic style is a bit raw, but always – cosiness. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from arranging the room as you see fit using this assortment. The shapes in this convention are very universal. They will certainly fit many parental visions.

Scandinavian-style furniture is a fashionable interior in a functional version

The Scandinavian style is one of the most fashionable and most popular interior design options. Due to the fact that it is very heterogeneous and constantly evolving, you can come across many varieties that give the interior an original character. Today we can distinguish, among others, varieties of the Scandinavian style: folk, Gustavian, Scandi Chic or Dark Nordic. Regardless of the variety, it always looks stylish and unique in the interior.

Features typical of the Scandinavian style

The classic edition of the Scandinavian style is based on natural materials that are used in interior design. In addition, the colors of nature are characteristic of him. Therefore, most often in Scandinavian interiors we find wood in warm varieties, combined with white elements and accents of gray and black. It is a proven and very well-received set, although golden elements appear more and more often in interiors of this type, thanks to which Scandinavian houses gain not only original, but above all elegant character.

Scandinavian style in the Gustavian variety

The Gustavian variation of the Scandinavian style is a tribute to the classics and tradition. The passion for these elements is visible in the furniture and details that appear in interior design. Furniture selected for the Gustavian style is usually heavier than in the case of other varieties, but they have the lightness characteristic of the Scandinavian style, thanks to the choice of bright colors for the arrangement. They will look great especially against the background of white walls and light parquet floors surrounded by accessories made of natural materials with neutral colors. This style can also be successfully combined with elements characteristic of shabby chic and the Provencal style.

Scandinavian style in a folk variety

The folk version is a proposition that should be looked at by all people who value homely atmosphere. The characteristic elements here are simplicity and natural materials. When arranging the interior, focus on handicrafts. DIY elements are welcome, which can be available in many colors and patterns, thanks to which this variation of the Scandinavian style looks the most colorful, cheerful and colorful. What can be found in this type of interior? Braided rugs, felt ornaments, decorative figurines such as carved wooden birds, horses, etc., wooden lanterns, and many other ethno decorative elements. Combine these types of accessories with an interior decorated in a Scandinavian style, and your home will certainly look beautiful and unique.

Scandinavian style dark nordic variety

Scandinavian interiors that love to introduce dark decorative elements are the dark nordic variety. However, dark elements are used with great care and balance. They are usually introduced as a single, stronger accent on the wall of a living room or bedroom. Popular colors are bottle green, emerald green, anthracite, navy blue and cobalt. It is a color scheme that stands out against the bright, Scandinavian design. Colors of this type appear more and more often in furniture, but it is good to focus primarily on typical, bright Scandinavian furniture, which are a characteristic element of this style.

Scandinavian style a variety of new nordic

In contrast to dark nordic, this variety focuses only on bright, especially white colors. Choose white walls, white floors, whitewashed or painted white decorative elements, bright furniture, as well as bright accessories such as woven carpets, pillows, etc. Use natural materials in your interiors and you will manage to create a beautiful, timeless interior in the Scandinavian and New Nordic style.

What is the scandi chic variety?

Scandi chic is one of the newer varieties of the Scandinavian style. Characteristic elements for this version are gold colors, yellows, and the introduction of copper and brass elements. Powder pink and blue are also welcome, and glass shades have become a real hit. This variety also includes black and anthracite, which are balanced with white. An important and popular accessory is also soft and fluffy leather that can decorate sofas or the floor.