Playroom tents for children, shop with Polish production of children’s furniture

Playroom tent for children is a piece of furniture that is also a toy. Children love to use it as a space for various games.

Playroom tents, tepee tent for children

Playroom tents for children is a piece of furniture for a child’s room that makes a lot of fun and is a great entertainment for long hours.

Among children’s furniture, tepee tent is probably the most original proposition among our assortment. It is the answer to many dreams of having delicious fun in the Indians. In our offer, they are part of the entire Tepee line, which gathers furniture stylized as products of the culture of the indigenous people of North America. It also includes a changing shelf, a wardrobe-hanger and a baby cot. It is not only great fun, but also elegance and safety. 

Our Tepee tent for children is made of wooden poles with a cotton cover. We attach a comfortable mattress to it. This one, because we know what happens during children’s games, is lined with waterproof material. That is why it will work both at home and in the garden. It can be used both as a bed or a cot, and as a play accessory. Kid can have its “base” in it, it can hide or rest in it. On warm days, you can also easily put it on the balcony or garden. It will certainly protect your little one from excessive sun and even light rain.

Playroom tents for kids, children’s furniture

Playroom tents are a successful combination of recreational, leisure and practical functions. It is also an interesting proposition, not only for little Indians, but also for explorers who like adventures. And in itself it is also a beautiful decoration. After all, each of us dreamed of something similar in childhood. Now, thanks to ATB, you can present this beautiful element to your child. Let his room turn into an original land of fun and carefree. After all, children love to build bases, villages or create their own stories. With our line of furniture, it will be possible.

The adventures that children will experience in this original house will certainly be unforgettable. It will also be a great accessory to develop a child’s imagination. How many adventures, fairy tales, stories and scenes can you come up with together! Especially since it is a portable construction – it is easy to fold and unfold. Nothing prevents you from taking it to the lawn or the garden – because it is easy to clean. We guarantee that every child will experience many wonderful adventures with her.

Furniture for a child’s room with an inspiring origin

A tepee tent is a tent usually made of cone-shaped poles and covered with canvas or other material. It is traditionally made from materials such as animal skins, bark, grasses or woven mats. The tepee style has been used by the indigenous people of North America for centuries.

Tepee is a traditional Native American dwelling, used for centuries in the United States and Canada by indigenous peoples. In the 19th century, European Americans started using the word “tepee” to refer to any cone-shaped tent.

A tent is a basic shelter in a campsite, but it can also be used for other purposes. The tent was invented by the ancient Egyptians, who were the first to use tents in the desert. In modern times, tents have been used by military forces and explorers in a variety of climates and environments.